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Mock API calls seamlessly

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Mock API calls seamlessly


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Mokku helps user by mocking API and changing their response, response time and status, user can try all test case scenario like long loading time, error states, or any missing or incorrect data.

Mokku adds itself as a tab in dev tools as a panel. In the tab user can see network logs and mocks. Any network call from the logs can be mocked by simply clicking mock button then response can be edited. User can also search logs. Mock can also be created from scratch from create mock button.

All URL's are accessible but Mokku doesn't inject scripts into any pages apart from which are served locally and accessed using 'http://localhost\*' until enabled from the Panel.

Collections & Dynamic mock generators coming soon!

You can submit issues, bugs or feature request at https://github.com/mukuljainx/mokku/issues

This extension is development phase, might not work in some kind of response like md files.

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  1. Mock API call, specify JSON body, status, time delay and even headers 🙌.
  2. Wild Card: add (.*) as wild card in url which will match anything, for example: some-domain/user/(.*)/messages. This will match some-domain/user/u1/messages and some-domain/user/u2/messages too.


Mokku doesn't support GraphQL as of now.

Privacy policy

Mokku does not collect or ask for any personal information, though it will store the mocks the chrome local store & all the hosts name where it has been enabled once to provide better experience to user.

Dev Guide


Project Structure

  • dist: Chrome Extension directory
  • dist/js: Generated JavaScript files


npm install


npm run watch


npm run build

Load extension to chrome

Load dist directory. All the files are refreshed without extension reload except content script. Reload the extension to see the changes.

Built on

Chitbat Chrome extension starter kit

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Mock API calls seamlessly


License:MIT License


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