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📱 Nextcloud Android app

Home Page:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextcloud.client

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Please stay tuned while we get all the repositories up.

Meanwhile check out https://nextcloud.com and follow us on https://twitter.com/nextclouders

If you want to contribute, you are very welcome:

Please read the Code of Conduct. This document offers some guidance to ensure Nextcloud participants can cooperate effectively in a positive and inspiring atmosphere, and to explain how together we can strengthen and support each other.

if you want to join the Github organization just let us know and we’ll add you! :)

This is by the community, for the community. Everyone is welcome! :)

Start contributing

Make sure you read SETUP.md and CONTRIBUTING.md when you start working on this project. Basically: Fork this repository and contribute back using pull requests to the master branch. Easy starting points are also reviewing pull requests and working on starter issue.

Beta version beta version

License: GPLv2

New contributions are added under AGPLv3.


📱 Nextcloud Android app


License:GNU General Public License v2.0


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