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Upload gcov results to coveralls.io

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Upload C/C++ coverage report to coveralls.io

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Inspired from z4r/python-coveralls, it uploads the coverage report of C/C++ project to coveralls.io


  • Build your project with gcov support
  • Run tests
  • Run coveralls


$ coveralls -h
usage: coveralls [-h] [--verbose] [--dryrun] [--gcov FILE]
                 [--gcov-options GCOV_OPTS] [-r DIR] [-b DIR] [-e DIR|FILE]
                 [-E REGEXP] [-x EXT] [-y FILE] [-n] [-t TOKEN]
                 [--encodings ENCODINGS [ENCODINGS ...]] [--dump [FILE]]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --verbose             print verbose messages
  --dryrun              run coveralls without uploading report
  --gcov FILE           set the location of gcov
  --gcov-options GCOV_OPTS
                        set the options given to gcov
  -r DIR, --root DIR    set the root directory
  -b DIR, --build-root DIR
                        set the directory from which gcov will be called; by
                        default gcov is run in the directory of the .o files;
                        however the paths of the sources are often relative to
                        the directory from which the compiler was run and
                        these relative paths are saved in the .o file; when
                        this happens, gcov needs to run in the same directory
                        as the compiler in order to find the source files
  -e DIR|FILE, --exclude DIR|FILE
                        set exclude file or directory
  -E REGEXP, --exclude-pattern REGEXP
                        set exclude file/directory pattern
  -x EXT, --extension EXT
                        set extension of files to process
  -y FILE, --coveralls-yaml FILE
                        coveralls yaml file name (default: .coveralls.yml)
  -n, --no-gcov         do not run gcov
  -t TOKEN, --repo-token TOKEN, --repo_token TOKEN
                        set the repo_token of this project
  --encodings ENCODINGS [ENCODINGS ...]
                        source encodings to try in order of preference
                        (default: ['utf-8', 'latin-1'])
  --dump [FILE]         dump JSON payload to a file

Example .travis.yml


Install cpp-coveralls with pip, add gcov to your compilation option, compile, run your test and send the result to http://coveralls.io :

language: cpp
  - gcc
  - sudo pip install cpp-coveralls
  - ./configure --enable-gcov && make && make check
  - coveralls --exclude lib --exclude tests --gcov-options '\-lp'


Python on OS X can be a bit of a hassle so you need to install to set up your custom environment:

language: objective-c
  - gcc
  - brew update
  - brew install pyenv
  - eval "$(pyenv init -)"
  - pyenv install 2.7.6
  - pyenv global 2.7.6
  - pyenv rehash
  - pip install cpp-coveralls
  - pyenv rehash
  - ./configure --enable-gcov && make && make check
  - coveralls --exclude lib --exclude tests --gcov-options '\-lp'


Upload gcov results to coveralls.io

License:Apache License 2.0


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