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Ferrous Teaching Material

This is free workshop material produced by Ferrous Systems for trainings. Get in touch for a custom quote. The time for the full course is around three to four days.

The material is created with people with zero Rust experience but with a programming background in mind.


The materials are presented as a set of small, self-contained lessons on a specific topic. Lessons can be arranged into courses exploring various aspects of Rust.


We use Asciidoctor for slides and assignments.

To compile .adoc to HTML, you need to have Ruby, bundle and Python2 (for syntax highlighting) installed:

$ bundle --path=.bundle/gems --binstubs=.bundle/.bin
$ ./rake
$ firefox ./target/index.html


The materials are in English. Translation to over languages is allowed and encouraged, if you would like to maintain a translation, send us a pull request with a link.

Partial translations to German, French and Spanish are available in the old repository.


The development of this course is financed by Ferrous Systems.

They are open sourced as a contribution to the growth of the Rust language.

If you want to fund further development of the course, book a training!

Commercial use

This course is expressively intended for commercial and free use.




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