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SMB (Solana Monkey Business) Marketplace History

Tools to get information for SMB NFTs on Solana.


To run the realtime service, set environment variable REALTIME=1.


This project started as a way to learn about Solana and Metaplex. This version turned into the production code that the SMB team uses for their Sales History view on the marketplace.

The code provided is only focused on the SMB Marketplace and does not support other NFTs.

Certain decisions were made in a short time window and is not the most optimal way to determine distinguish between transactions.

The goal of open sourcing this project is to provide everyone with a view of how it was initially done.

A future repository will be provided that works with the SMB Marketplace, Solanart, and DigitalEyes (+ more).


Licensed under GLPv3 — see LICENSE.

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