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Powers Lab Task Tester

Automatically performs tasks to check that they complete.


With npm installed, run

$ npm install powers-task-tester


With npm

$ powers-task-tester <task url>

or use npx

$ npx powers-task-tester <task url>

Close the program

To end the program, press ctrl-c in the terminal window that you've run the program.

What it does

powers-task-tester will automatically cycle through the page of a task. It will attempt to press the q and e.

You should see two things happen:

  1. A private chromium window will open the task URL. If the task tester it working, you should see the tasks progress as expected.
  2. In your terminal, you'll see a log of amp values and possibly a log of messages such as Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ().

If the task fails to progress in the browser window, and you see an error message rather than a log of amp values, something has probably gone wrong, in which case see the Troubleshooting section below.


The most likely issue that one would run into is the task tester being unable to read the amp values of a task, thus not knowing if q or e should be pressed.

If amp values are not being output by a task (can be checked by looking at the devtools console), copy this commit to the task repo.


For most tasks, you can copy this commit either by copy/pasting the single line of code change, or doing the following:

# In the task repo
$ git remote add ling git@github.com:PowersLab1/ACH_ling.git
$ git fetch ling
$ git cherry-pick e5584177304f2683655b516dfdb0325fbf870d11





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