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Get the absolute URL of your Next.js app (optionally set a localhost dev URL)

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Get the protocol and host for the absolute URL of your Next.js app (and optionally set a dev url)

This module enables you to easily get the protocol and host of your Next.js app, both on the server and the client. Optionally, you can set a localhost variable, which is useful for local development if you have local lambda functions running on a different port.


I'm honored that an excellent blog post has been published about this package. For detailed usage, please see: https://web.archive.org/web/20211110110818/https://codeconqueror.com/blog/get-the-current-url-in-next-js/

import absoluteUrl from 'next-absolute-url'
const { protocol, host } = absoluteUrl(req, 'localhost:8004')
const apiURL = `${protocol}//${host}/api/job.js`

or if you just want the full URL origin:

import absoluteUrl from 'next-absolute-url'
const { origin } = absoluteUrl(req)
const apiURL = `${origin}/api/job.js`

If you deployed your Next.js app with now the apiURL will be something like https://your-app.now.sh/api/job.js.

However, if you are running the app locally the apiURL will be http://localhost:8004/api/job.js instead.


With npm installed, run

npm install next-absolute-url



Get the absolute URL of your Next.js app (optionally set a localhost dev URL)


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