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Haskell cryptography done right

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High-level cryptography for Haskell (haskell-crypto)

Easy-and-safe-to-use high-level cryptographic primitives.

Note: this package is experimental and WIP.

Cryptography is hard to do right, even if you have access to low-level cryptographic primitives – you still need to pick the right ones and then combine them in a safe way.

Luckily, there already exists a high-level library that does this for you: Sodium (based on Nacl). This repository contains two Haskell packages:

  • crypto-sodium – high-level cryptography based on Sodium, spiced up with extra type-safety of the Haskell type system.
  • NaCl – similar high-level bindings, but only providing the subset of Sodium functions that was present in the original NaCl library.

Why not?


See Haddock documentation at https://hackage.haskell.org/package/crypto-sodium.


If you encounter any issues when using this library or have improvement ideas, please open report in issue on GitHub. You are also very welcome to submit pull request, if you feel like doing so.


MPL-2.0 © Serokell

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Haskell cryptography done right



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