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Chat widget for OpenCart CMS

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Chat widget for OpenCart CMS

This is free plugin for integration OpenCart CMS with chat service It allows to add chat widget between users on your website for free.


Plugin for OpenCart CMS

Technical support


  • Full integration with the user base of your website
  • Single authorisation mechanism in a chat and on a website (users need not sign up in a chat)
  • Chatting between users mano a mano
  • Sending pictures
  • Sending geolocation
  • Sending smiles
  • Real time message delivery
  • It does not load your server (The chat widget uses project servers
  • You can use it on shared hosting
  • It continues correct working even without the Internet (Your messages will be sent as soon the Internet appears)

Chat demo

Steps to install a chat widget:

  • Download the plugin from plugin repository
  • Move the contents of the repository to the root folder of your site
  • Open the admin panel of your site, then open Design> Theme Editor> common> footer and paste at the end body {{ include( 'default/template/extension/module/imbachat.twig' ) }} install
  • Register on the site
  • Go to the widget page, and create yourself a widget
  • In the process of creating a widget, you will need to select "Integration with OpenCart CMS" and follow the instructions
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Chat widget for OpenCart CMS


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