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Go SIP UA library for client/b2bua

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SIP UA library for client/b2bua using golang


  • Transports UDP/TCP/TLS/WS/WSS.
  • Simple pure Go SIP Client.
  • Simple pure Go B2BUA, support RFC8599, Google FCM/Apple PushKit.
  • RTP relay (UDP<-->UDP, WebRTC/ICE<->UDP)
  • WebRTC2SIP Gateway.

Running the examples

git clone https://github.com/cloudwebrtc/go-sip-ua
cd go-sip-ua


# run client
go run examples/client/main.go


B2BUA is a minimal SIP call switch, it registers and calls, and supports UDP/TCP/TLS/WebSockets.

When you need a quick test for TLS/WSS, you can use mkcert to create a local self-signed certificate.

mkdir -p certs
mkcert -key-file certs/key.pem -cert-file certs/cert.pem  localhost ::1 example.com

Run the mini b2bua.

# run b2bua
go run examples/b2bua/main.go -c

You can use dart-sip-ua or linphone or jssip to test call or registration, built-in test account 100~400

WebSocket: wss://
SIP URI: 100@
Authorization User: 100
Password: 100
Display Name: Flutter SIP Client


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Go SIP UA library for client/b2bua

License:Apache License 2.0


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