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the cli tool for developing honeycomb micro-app

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the Command line tools for honeycomb app dev.

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npm install honeycomb-cli -g


Initialize an App

honeycomb init [-t template] [-s scope] [--registry registry] [directory]
  • template, app template, default is simple, console is also available
  • scope, npm scope, you can specify npm scope to get private templates, e.g. -s @ali
  • registry, npm registry, it will download packages from the default npm registry, if your network is slow, you can use npm mirrors like
  • directory, the folder which contains app files, default is the current folder

Start an App

cd path/to/app
honeycomb start [-p port] [-o domain] [--inspect]
  • port, app's listen port, default is 8001
  • -o domain, open browser with the domain after app's started

Pack an App

cd path/to/app
honeycomb package [-env env]
  • env, load specific env config, default is production

Global Config

// display config
honeycomb config KEY

// set config
honeycomb config KEY VALUE
  • currently, only registry config is supported


You can use honeycomb --help and honeycomb COMMAND --help to get full commands and full options.


the cli tool for developing honeycomb micro-app


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