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Auto symmetry image bot for Hikakin and Seikin

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Symmetry Bot System

Fully automatic face recognition symmetry image generation / posting system for Hikakin and Seikin




Ubuntu 20.04 LTS / Windows 10
Python 3.9.10
PHP 7.4.1

Change Log

January 30, 2022

  • Change base processing lang to Python. Create class and rewrite everything.
  • Search info was recieved via an API written in PHP.

September 6, 2021

  • Added a function to post thumbnail images acquired from video database.

Angust 17th

  • Python's face recognition library face_recognition is used for more accurate face detection.
  • Image processing has also moved from OpenCV to Pillow(Python Image Library).

First Commit

  • Face Recognition: OpenCV of Face Recognition (Face API) is used.


  • The pip library "face_recognition" runs in C++, so it may not work well on cloud platforms such as Heroku (see the official repository for details).
  • If you are a Windows user, please run winget install cmake and pass the PATH C:\Program Files\CMake\bin.
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Auto symmetry image bot for Hikakin and Seikin

License:MIT License


Language:Python 64.1%Language:PHP 33.6%Language:Shell 2.2%