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A log parser

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Log parser Task

The instruction to make it work

To start de project

cd docker
docker-compose up

After docker has finished

docker-compose exec php-fpm bin/console app:parselog

This will parse the log file ./storage/gobankingrates.com.access.log and output a CSV ./storage/file.csv with the parsed info


The task intended to fulfill this points

  • Read an access log file
  • Resolve Country and State from IP address (IE MaxMind GeoLite2 Free)
  • Translate useragent to device type (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet) and Browser (Safari, Chrome, etc)
  • Combine new Geo & Device fields with existing fields on access log file and output/export a CSV


  • Docker

The access log file is already in the repo

The repo also have the GeoIP2-City database file from IE MaxMind GeoLite2 Free

Made using Symfony framework skeleton command and this packages

For Docker, I used this post as reference https://dev.to/martinpham/symfony-5-development-with-docker-4hj8, remove the DB dependencies but let the nginx container, in my test the docker parse is more slow, could be a problem in how volumes mounted.


A log parser


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