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A list of awesome things related to Quasar


Official Resources

External Resources

These resources have not been created by Quasar Team, nor do we maintain them or financially benefit from them.

Official Community

Local Communities

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Video Tutorials

Author Links Description Quasar
Patrick Monteiro YouTube Introduction to the Quasar Framework v0.17.18
Danny Connell YouTube Quasar Framework: Create a Vue js app & deploy to web, mobile app & desktop app in 30 minutes! v0.17.20
Danny Connell YouTube Quasar Framework V1 Course Preview: Create a Real-World, Cross-Platform App v1.0.0-beta.19
Patrick Monteiro YouTube Building a multiplatform application with Quasar Framework. (pt-br) v1.0.5
Program With Eric YouTube serie Quasar Vue.js Tutorial
Tobias Mesquita Medium Quasar - SSR and using cookies
Danny Connell YouTube Quasar Framework: Icons & Splashscreens for Web, iOS, Android, Mac & WIndows apps Instantly!
Danny Connell YouTube serie Quasar Framework: Vue.js Cross Platform App
Danny Connell YouTube serie Quasar Framework: Vue.js Chat App - with Vuex & Firebase (for Web, Mobile & Desktop)
Danny Connell YouTube serie Quasar Framework: Animated Winner Picker App!
Andre Madarang YouTube Quasar Framework for Vue.js
codeguru YouTube serie Quasar framework - Building production web app using GraphQL, AWS Amplify, and Quasar
Impeccable Ninja YouTube Sign and align Cordova apps created with Vue and Quasar
Patrick Monteiro YouTube serie Quasar Framwork 1.0 course(pt-br) v1.x

Do not forget to watch official video tutorials.


Author Links Description Quasar
hawkeye64 Medium, github Building an Electron File Explorer with Quasar (and Vue) v0.17.18
Patrick Monteiro Article E2E Test with Cypress in the Quasar Framework(pt-br) v0.17.18
Patrick Monteiro (pt-br) and William Comnisky (en) website (en) Quasar Framework with Social Login using Hello.js v1.0.3
Navicstein Rotciv dev.to Deploying an app from Gitlab to Heroku using the Quasar framework and Sailsjs
Jeff Galbraith dev.to Publish your Quasar SPA on Github.io with History Mode
Xkonti Article, dev.to Creating Quasar Framework project with Typescript support
Pratik Patel Medium Adding Charts in Quasar
Pratik Patel Medium Adding Charts in Quasar using UMD (Unified Module Definition)
nothingismagick Medium Use Sass Variables in Javascript
farwish Article Quasar BEX preview guide (Chinese)
farwish Article Deploy Quasar SSR combine with pm2 and Nginx for proxy (Chinese)
Troy Moreland Medium Add Embedded Google Maps to Your Application ^1.12.0
Troy Moreland Medium Add Recurring Rules for Calendar Dates to Your Application ^1.12.0
Troy Moreland Medium Add Dynamic Forms to Your Vue App ^1.13.0
Patrick Monteiro Medium Criando um PWA com Vue.js e Quasar(pt-br) v1.x
Joel Olawanle Smashing Magazine An Introduction To Quasar Framework: Building Cross-Platform Applications
Tony Xu Article How to Build a Quasar QR Code Scanner with Capacitor v1.x

Do not forget to read the official blog.

Community App Extensions

Name Description
qmodeltd QModelTd is an UI app extension for Quasar that simplifies the usage of editable or selectable QTd
remote-dev-tools Vue remote devtools for Cordova and Electron apps made with Quasar
alpaca-forms Alpaca form builder built for Quasar
draggable A Quasar extension that makes elements draggable and movable with keyboard.
swipe-to-close A Quasar Framework app extension that allows you to close dialogs by swiping.
qdatetimepicker QDatetimePicker for Quasar
qribbon Customisable ribbons with a component builder. Allows ribbons at the top, corners, bottom etc.
http-authentication HTTP authentication using the Vuex store with basic login, registration and password reset pages.
system-environment-variables Loading of system environment variables for deploying on CI environment.
easy-forms A component to easily generate (Quasar) forms by only defining a "schema" object.
easy-tables A component to easily generate (Quasar) tables by only defining a "schema" object. (based on the same schema as easy-forms)
vuelidate-rules A Quasar Framework app extension that allows you to use Vuelidate methods as internal Quasar rules in fields of a form
QGrid QGrid is a Quasar App Extension. It allows you to filter data for each column, Drag and Drop Rows and also allows you to filter data using header filters.
QHierarchy QHierarchy is a Quasar App Extension. It allows you to display data in hierarchy structure on your page.
QDraggableTree QDraggableTree is a Quasar Framework app extension that allows you to drag and drop the nodes in the Quasar QTree
APIWrapper An out of the box API client that wrap axios with common features like: Vuex store integration, masive requests, homogeneous responses, concurrency...
Quasar Tiptap github, demo
QFilterConfigurator An easy filter viewer
QDatePicker A date selector (single/period) with the comparison functionality
QsSelect A searchable QSelect with which accepts an url
QGoogleMap , Docs and Examples QGoogleMap(q-google-map) - Quasar app extension to integrate Google Maps
QWidgets , Docs and Examples QWidgets(q-widgets) - An awesome set of beautiful Widgets made with love using Quasar Framework and Vue.js!
QStatistic QStatistic allows you to display data statistically.
QCascader QCascader can be used to display and select tree structured data.

Other Community Components and Tools

For older Quasar versions or not supplied through a Quasar App Extension

Name Links Description Quasar
Readme Pro github, demo An easy and simple way to generate readme written in quasar framework v2.7.7
Quasar Echarts Example github, demo Project using Quasar framework and Echarts ๐Ÿ“Š ๐Ÿ“ˆ ๐Ÿ“‰ v1.15.0
Quasar Geolocation Example github, demo Sample app to demonstrate usage of geolocation with Quasar Framework v1.9.8
Quasar 3D Model github, demo Sample application with a 3D file renderer (.stl, .obj, .json, .dae, .ply, .gltf) v1.1.2
Quasar Apex Charts github, demo Project using Quasar framework and ApexCharts ๐Ÿ“Š ๐Ÿ“ˆ ๐Ÿ“‰ v1.1.2
Quasar Barcode Reader github, demo Base code for a code reader application: EAN, CODE 128, CODE 39, EAN 8, UPC-A, UPC-C, I2of5, 2of5, CODE 93 e CODABAR with QuaggaJS and Quasar Framework(no dependency on cordova) v1.1.2
Quasar QRCode Reader github, demo A simple Javascript-only QRCode generator and reader (no dependency on cordova). Great for web and PWA solutions. v1.0.6
Quasar Speech API github, demo Example project using Speech Web API to transcribe speech into text and synthesize text into speech. v1.0.6
QInputEx Component github The Advance Input Component for Quasar is used as single-line input box for date, time, password, color, select etc. v1.0.0-beta.1
Quasar Snippets github, Marketplace Quasar components' snippets for VSCode that can increase your productivity working on Quasar projects. v0.17.x
Quasar Steem Beneficiaries github
A Quasar/Vue component for easily adding beneficiaries support to your Steem dapp. v0.17.16
Quasar calendar github A full calendar display in multiple formats that accepts event data and display it in month, week, multi-day, single day and agenda views v0.15.6
Laqu-l github A complete starter kit that allows you create amazing apps that look native thanks to the Quasar Framework. Powered by an API developed in Laravel Framework using the easy GraphQL queries language. And ready to use the Google Firebase features. v0.15.10
Quasar Cloud github An online file manager project (like dropbox) showing usage of axios, vuex, validation, authentication v0.15.10
Quasar Oh-my-zsh github A plugin for Oh-my-zsh v1.0.0
APIWrapper github, npm A package designed to wrap up the most common features of an api client implementation, with common features like: Vuex store integration, masive requests, homogeneous responses, concurrency... v1
Quasar DevOps github A repo dedicated to CI/CD for Quasar Framework v1
Starter kit github Starter kit for quickly lifting your project from the ground up; includes public pages (Login, Register, Reset Password) with Cypress testing setup, Router & VUEX are present with a lot more helpful stuff implemented. v1
Starter kit github Starter kit for quickly lifting your project from the ground up; includes public pages (Login, Register, Reset Password), Router & Pinia are present with a lot more helpful stuff implemented. v2
OTA system github Auto update system for mobile app, send update to users without app store review v2

Projects Using Quasar

Name Links Description Quasar
Quasar Template github, website Beautiful Quasar template for Vue 3 v2.6.0
PowerToys for OpenAIโ„ข Github, Website PowerToys for OpenAIโ„ข is a BEX extension for Chrome/Edge written in Quasar Framework, and using Dexie for storage v2.11.10
Readme Pro Github, Website Readme Pro is an open-source readme and github profile generator written in Quasar Framework v2.7.7
Quasar Admin Premium website Beautiful premium Quasar admin template for Vue 3 v2.7.1
Tomatodo github,website,android Pomodoro app that rewards with luck wheel after pomodoro sessions v2.0.0
GreaterWMS github,website Open Source Warehouse Management System v2.1.0
Gobazar.uz website The first big e-commerce website made with Vue.js/Quasar v1
Jump Park ios, android Take control gym membership for admin, and clients can see info. The first production mobile app using Quasar v2. v2.0.0-beta.12
Quasar Gaming Template github, website Free Quasar Gaming Template based on Vue js and Quasar Framework. v1.12.12
Kudos - Company profile template github, website Free template for company profile made using Quasar Framework and Vue.js! It is a fully responsive template which you can use for your company or may be for your own portfolio website. v1.9.15
Expense Tracker github, website A simple application to track expenses and split bills. v1
Quasar Scrum github, website A Free Quasar Scrum Template : Agile process framework for managing complex tasks v1.9.12
Quasar Admin github, website A Free and beautiful Quasar Admin template v1.9.3
Quasar Shopping github, website Free and Open source eCommerce UI template written in Vue.js/Quasar v1.9.3
Quasar CRM Admin github, website A free and beautiful Quasar template for CRM needs. v1.8.5
Personal website template github, website Free template for personal website v1.9.15
Quasar Typescript Admin Template github ๐Ÿ’ซ ๐Ÿ’ซ template for quasar admin with typescript ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ support pwa,electron,spa,Ionic v0.0.1
Negibox github All-in-one downloader based on ARIA2 v1.9.6
P.volve website Video workout subscription, landing pages, also includes weight tracking, photo upload, etc. for subscribers v0.15.9
Alighieri github, website A distraction-free writer tool v1.15.4
Brotheld android, ios Brotheld (Bread Hero), a german app for hobby bakers v0.14
MyClinic android, ios Application for displaying and managing medical clinic examination room status v0.14
Weacast github, website Open source platform to gather, expose and make use of weather forecast data v0.13.10
CryptoPrice github, android An app to inform us of price (USD & EUR) of the main crypto-coins v0.14.4
Quran App website, android Quran Lite with English translation v0.14.4
SHUhelper github, website Open source university online community and toolkits v0.14.7
2018 Quarterly Tax Estimator android, iOS, Mac App Store Estimates quarterly taxes and taxes to save per paycheck v0.14
Go2See website Russian online travel service v0.14.7
Guitar Workshop website E-commerce shop, library, streaming video player, real time chat v0.15.9
FilmStyles website E-commerce shop, library, streaming video player v1.16.0
Karrot (Foodsaving Worldwide) github, website A web-app to support foodsaving groups worldwide, with the goal to save our common resources as much as possible v1.14.6
onvif-nvt-snapshot-vue-sample github An onvif-nvt (package) sample project for snapshots and PTZ using Vue 2.5 and Quasar 0.14.7 v0.14.7
Finca Report website/android/ios Sistema de informacion para el cultivo de palma africana v0.15.3
SoFoot android, ios SO FOOT is an iOS & Android mobile football news application, seen differently. With original and offbeat content, the app is based on real time and smart content feed to make it simple and accessible with a scroll. v0.14.7
PaintTubeTV website Shop, library, streaming video player, real time chat v1.16.0
MyBibou android, ios MyBibou is an iOS & Android mobile application that simplifies the life of parents for successful family outings. The app geolocates users on a map and give them relevant information based on their needs and situation. v0.14.7
Budgex pwa Budget and expense tracker v0.15.1
Booly website A people-matching tool v0.14.6
Takista android, github To Do Lists Manager v0.13.4
Blinga! website, android, ios A points program and guide for selling products and services in cities. v0.14.0
Charging Stations github Charging stations viewer hybrid app v0.14
Carpool 3D website Carpool 3D Truck v0.14.7
The Amusing Development website Portfolio website v0.14.7
Habot github A chatbot for openHAB using machine-learning natural language processing from OpenNLP v0.14.6
TMdb website, github Quasar app with The Movie DB catalog v0.14.7
Take Action android, ios v0.14.5
Voting Daap github E-voting v0.14
Kanttum website Teacher training without complication v0.14.8
Stock Scanner github Working Demo of Barcode/QR code scanner using VueJs+Quasar+Cordova v0.13.4
ShockPro ios Maintenance Interval Tracking v0.12
My Spells website 5e Personal Spellbook v0.13.9
Tigris github Micro-learning for professionals v0.13
Pilgrim and Wanderer's Songbook android, ios Mobile Application Songbooks has been created for one of the biggest Protestant Church. v0.15.12
dockJob github, docker hub Job scheduler with a web UI - designed to run inside a container. v0.15.5
Chronocross android Productivity tool that combines Pomodoro Technique and Eisenhower Matrix. v0.15.10
Jornal Pelicano android Mobile application for a Navy Web Journal v0.14.1
Vuenote github Vuenote is the simplest note app. v0.15.10
Sifร  pwa Social platform for buyer groups v0.15.10
Realworld Conduit github Medium.com clone v0.15.10
vue-quasar-admin website,github admin-dashboard v0.15.14
letsbutterfly(tm) pwa Real estate platform in your pocket. https://letsbutterfly.com v0.15.10
quasar-documentation++ github All-in-one Quasar Documentation v0.16.0
Dolphin Note website A Simple and Elegant markdown note application. v0.15.14
Quicknote website A Simple and Elegant markdown quicknote DApp. v0.15.14
Homespun website E-commerce shop, video library, streaming video player, live chat v1.16.0
T9N Manager website Translation manager for developers v0.16.0
Kicktrack website, Android, iOS Foosball score keeper v0.16.0
Musical Data website Access Spotify's data of your favorite music. v0.16.0
Nebide website Cross-platform Nebulas smart contract IDE. v0.16.0
Nick Zuccarelli website A portfolio website for Nick Zuccarelli (a.k.a: me!) v0.16.0
jQuizzer android Simple Java 8 Quiz / Trainer App v0.16.0
SA Email Builder website Email template builder responsive v10 v2.0.4
Boid.com website A blockchain based social computing platform. Homepage and web/electron app are pure Quasar. v0.16.4
Dappos Ethereum POS github, website A Point of Sale (POS) app like Square! For Ethereum payments. Open in a Mobile wallet and receive customer's payments with an intuitive UI. v0.17
INTI website Online white-label ticketing system with CRM and custom Applications Latest
Fastient PWA A journaling and stats tracking application for extended fasts. v0.17.10
Squync SPA Music library. v0.14
CidadeMOB pwa, android, ios (Brazil) Application that offers services of the city hall for citizens v0.17.13
GH Follower android Simple app to get push notifications on a GitHub repository new release v0.17.5
Omnia Livestream SPA Free & affordable livestream provider for churches and ministries. Livestream to your website, Facebook, and YouTube, worldwide CDN, and Auto-Archiving. v0.15.14
Romi PWA, Android eCommerce applications v0.17.9
Just Go Vote! website/PWA, ios, android App makes it easier for people to vote, and encourages them to do so in the upcoming mid-terms. v0.17.17
StemQ stemq.io Questions and Answers app dedicated to STEM topics and rewarding contributors with Steem cryptocurrency. v0.17.16
Tenpin Toolkit iOS, Android App featuring a collection of tools to help tenpin bowlers and coaches develop their skills and improve their games. v0.17.17
Trainero.com website, iOS, android All-in-one App for a Personal Trainer with +35000 users world-wide v0.17.18
HyperSign Youtube, GitHub Hypersign is a cryptography based SingleSignOn Solution that enables users to securely access [Web/Blockchain/Federated] applications without providing their access credentials [usernames and passwords]. v0.13
schild.report github, German article This electron app is a report generator that works with schild data (German student administration) v0.17.18
P4wnP1_aloa website Pentesting Framework for the Rapsberry Pi Zero W v0.17.16
CineMatch website, iOS, android A list app to organise films, tv shows and make shared watchlists! v1-beta.15
RankUp website RankUp is a website that allows you to find teammates on cooperative and competitive video games like Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege (more to come), build your team, and stay updated about video game news v0.17.19
Email Snippets mac, ios Replying to the same emails over and over again? Do it in a snip with Email Snippets! Just choose your snippet to copy it to your clipboard, then paste into your Email app. v0.17.20
Counter Calculator ios Need a counter / tally app that also lets you do those difficult calculations? Counter Calculator is the app for you! v0.17.20
Map Marker Generator website A Free Online Tool To Generate Custom Map Icons On The Fly v0.17.19
spoonacular website, Android, iOS spoonacular food companion, meal planner, and shopping list v0.17.20
+Economicas Android, iOS An unofficial student made app for public univeristy students from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. v0.16.4
+FADU Android, iOS An unofficial student made app for public univeristy students from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. v0.17.9
Monocle Reader website A modern and elegant RSS Reader. Feedly meets Pocket. v0.17.23
Blue Moon Camera and Machine website Custom E-Commerce with realtime POS system inventory integration via API. v0.17.22
NotaCL Note-taking like chat messages Android Note taking with multiple chat rooms with different colors. 1.0.0-beta.2
Johnson Lai's Portfolio pwa Portfolio Website for Johnson Lai. 1.0.0-beta.11
mempal website An app that helps you to remember everything you read and learn. v0.17.20
Agency ยซDay & Nightยป website Apartment agency. v1.0.0-beta
Kawal Pemilu (PILPRES) android Election Guard In Indonesia. v1.0.0-beta.17
Cashier app, source A personal finance app, companion for ledger/hledger rolling
Exorcism github Desktop wallpaper manager 1.0.0-rc.6
SunEngine github, website CMS+ site engine with blog, articles and forum functionalities. Asp.Net Core on server side. 1.2.x+
Timesheet github, website Self-hosted application to manage project reporting. Golang, Gin used on server. 1.9.2
Havidea website Social network for creative people. 1.0.0-rc.5
Stelace Heroes Platform github, website Open-source template featuring Stelace platform runner with Quasar UI and super heroes in NYC. 1.0.0
Gas Station Gamblers: California Scratchers Android, website The smartest way to pick a California Scratcher! 1.0.0-beta26
issue blog github, website A blog tool powered by GitHub issues. 1.0.0
61 Financial App Android, iOS A replica of 61 Financial Web App v1
Vugify github, website Convert Vue HTML syntax to Pug. v1.0.0
Prokarman Free Resume Builder Website A free resume builder to craft resumes for your dream job v1
Yawik Application Form gitlab, website Application Form which can be used to apply for job postings v2 (patched)
Yawik Jobwizard gitlab, website Jobad generator with Google Jobs JSON-LD. Can authenticate against a keycloak v2.1 (patched)
Content Hub Website Spread the word about your business everywhere online and track your impact. v1
Gistor github, website Powerful UI for your Gist snippets stored on GitHub. v1.2.x
Privy github, Android An educational crypto-toolkit that steps through the math for password security, RSA keypair generation, and hashing algorithms. 1.0.0-beta.17
LandHo gitlab, PWA Securely maintain your own search history across multiple search engines. 1.0.0
Webby gitlab, PWA Discover a better internet. Find and favorite Blockstack dapps 1.2.1
Neolink website Online store. v1
Growth Journal website, Android, Web Growth Journal: Become a better you. 1.2.6
KetoShare Android, website A recipe and eatery sharing app for the Ketogenic dieting community, especially in Singapore. v1.11.1
Vertical Kit PWA Climbing Ropes catalog. Find your perfect rope. 1.5.4
MicroIoT Studio github, website MicroIoT Platform web UI management tool v1.5.0
Simulstore website Simulstore is an Industrial AppStore. Tools for Engineering Calculations and Digital Twin Applications v1.5.5
Api Doc github An open source Crud API documenter v1.5.11
SAM9000 APM PWA Project Management, File Sharing, Document and Email Management AI Powered v1.5+
Learn music theory with Sonid WEB, iOS, Android Easily learn music theory in a fun a structured manner! v1.5+
Quacker github Browser Extension to clean website ADs v1.0.0+
Poker2win github, SPA Ethereum Dapp poker game for bet, i18n support v1.6.0+
Dashblocks Template github, website A Free and Open Source Quasar Material Admin Template focusing on beautiful Dashboards and In-App Analytics v1
Github Method github, website Cool habit tracker based on Github concept v1
Afterman github Create beutiful docs in markdown and HTML from postman collection v1
Offso SSR Beautiful search application user interface v1.9.0+
DevHelper website Online tool and software helper for dev v2.0
Fotrino github, website Photo gallery v1.11.1
coin-monitor github, SPA Cryptocurrency market quant user interface v1.11.3+
@winwin/hexo-editor github, website demo An online editor for Hexo blog. v1.8.6
The COVID-19 Game Android, Website, Snap, Firefox Fight the COVID-19 infection with your white blood cells! v1.11.3
Groovechat.fm website A collaborative listening app for Spotify, alowing several people to listen to a playlist at the same time. v1.11.3
Custom Automated Systems Pte Ltd website Website Custom Automated Systems Pte Ltd website v1.11.3
Basehop Deployments Website Zero Downtime PHP application deployment v1.12.0+
Al-Dig (Al-Quran Digital app) github Al-Quran Digital with Indonesian translation (for now) v1.0.0+
Qodo github An open-source productivity app. Demonstrate how and what it's like to build multi-platform apps using Quasar v1.9.4
Odoo In Vue github Get up to speed quickly when building a Vue / Quasar app for your Odoo backend v1.12+
Tabulo Website The virtual replacement for whiteboards v1.13.2+
Skinosis App PWA, Android Skinosis is a one-on-one skin diagnosis and cosultaion app v1.0.0+
Skinosis App Landing Website PWA Landing website for Skinosis App v1.0.0+
Whoops Monitor PWA A monitoring tool that gives you clarity over your application landscape. v1.0.0
Agile Visitors Github,Web Application for registering employee entries with the possibility of generating reports, validating and storing users with minimal effort. v1.14.0
Project Management Application Web Project Management Application to track billable hours and budget spent across all projects. Automatic margin calculation and chart generation for reporting. v1
mipa Github, PWA A strategic coordination app from collective-change.org to help the world achieve sustainablility by 2030. v1.14.7
Neeto-Vue Github Yet another awesome wiz note client that was built by Quasar Framework and Electron. v1.15.0
CreateVidio github, website Dynamic cloud-based video generation. v1
Tutlo website Tutlo is online learning platform using BigBlueButton. v1.14.2
OIPIPE website Online Wholesale store. v1.15.4
KeeperRx Website, PWA Take control of your medical life! Create medical profiles for the entire family. 1.14.7 (as of 20210324)
SINTASI Website, SPA Dashboard for Clinic management system. v1.15.7
Mission github, SPA Mission of small games v1.11.3+
Coloban Web/PWA, Android, Windows/MacOS Collaborative task manager + Messsenger: Chat and calls to teammates, TODOs on the fly during conversation, Kanban, Calendar, Gantt, Eisenhower Offline mode, Multiplatform and many more! v2
Dadadash GitHub Office suite with file browser, document editor, spreadsheet editor, calendar and data tables with CRUDX API's ready to deploy v1.0.0
BlogToNFT website BlogToNFT is for all the writers/bloggers who wish to create their own NFT. At BlogToNFT a blogger/writer will have to prove their ownership and after adding details they can easily publish NFT straightaway into the Blockchain which is also visible on opensea v1.0.0
Hesabdaram website Hesabdaram is an accounting social network v2.7.0
Supplier Of Bamachoub website Management panel and seller panel of Bamachob market website v2.7.5
gin-quasar-admin Github, Website A full-featured management system based on Quasar2,Vue3,Go,Gin,Gorm. v2.10.1
Find More Items website Find More Items is a tool for frugal Amazon shoppers and gift hunters v2.6.6


๐ŸŽ‰ A list of awesome things related to Quasar


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