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Frigate integration for Home Assistant

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Frigate Home Assistant Integration

Provides the following:

  • Rich media browser with thumbnails and navigation
  • Sensor entities (Camera FPS, Detection FPS, Process FPS, Skipped FPS, Objects detected)
  • Binary Sensor entities (Object motion)
  • Camera entities (Live view, Object detected snapshot)
  • Switch entities (Clips, Detection, Snapshots, Improve Contrast)
  • Support for multiple Frigate instances.


Easiest install is via HACS:

Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.

HACS -> Integrations -> Explore & Add Repositories -> Frigate


  • HACS does not "configure" the integration for you. You must go to Configuration > Integrations and add Frigate after installing via HACS.
  • The mqtt integration must be installed and configured in order for the Frigate integration to work. As manual configuration is required for the mqtt setup, this cannot happen automatically.

For manual installation for advanced users, copy custom_components/frigate to your custom_components folder in Home Assistant.

Please visit the main Frigate documentation for full installation instructions of this integration.

Media Browsing

You will also need media_source enabled in your Home Assistant configuration for the Media Browser to appear.

Lovelace Card

There is also a companion Lovelace card for use with this integration.


For full usage instructions, please see the central Frigate documentation.


Frigate integration for Home Assistant

License:MIT License


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