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This is a Hospital management system that allows authenticated users to manage the statutory components of a health system

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This fully complete demo project of the hospital management system allows authenticated users manage the statutory components of a health system.

This web based application is robust and was built on Code Igniter frameworks of PHP open source programming language and MySQL database.

This system integrates and facilitates 7 types of user area of a hospital: Administrator, Doctor,  Patient,  Nurse,  Pharmacist,  Laboratories,  Accountant,


Manage departments of hospital Manage doctor account  Manage patient account  Manage nurse account Manage pharmacist account Manage laboratories account Manage accountant account  Monitor hospital events Watch transaction reports of patient payment Bed, ward, cabin status  Watch blood bank report  Watch medicine status of hospital stock  Watch operation report Watch birth report  Watch death report  Bed allotment status and admit history  Manage noticeboard for all users of hospital  Manage system settings  Watch system log of user interactions  Manage language of the software  Create backup and restore anytime  Manage own profile


Manage patient. Account opening and updating  Create, manage appointment with patient Create prescription for patient Keep record of patient case history  Provide medication for patients  View diagnostic report of patients.  Creates, discharge bed allotment for patient View blood bank status Issue for operation of patients and creates operation report


View appointment list and status with doctors View prescription details View medication from doctor  View medication from pharmacist View / download diagnostic report from laboratories.  View doctor list View blood bank status  View operation history View admit history. Like bed, ward ICU etc.  View invoices Pay hand cash to accountant or pay online [PAYPAL]


Manage patient. Account opening and updating  Allot bed, ward, and cabin for patients Provide medication according to patient prescription  Manage blood bank and update status  Manage blood donors Keep record of patient operation, baby born and death of patient


Maintain medicine Keep records of hospitals stock medicines and status Manage medicine categories Watch prescription of patient  Provide medication to prescriptions


Watch prescription list  Upload diagnostic report  Preview of diagnostic report files  Manage blood bank Manage blood donors and maintain their status


Create invoice for payment Order invoice to patient  Take cash payment

Security Highly secured against security threats MySQL-injection, xss attack, csrf protected

Responsive The software is completely responsive Supports desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet

Configuration and Installation

  1. Import 'hms' file from database folder to phpMyAdmin after creating the database

  2. Open 'system' folder, Click on 'DB_driver' file and edit hostname, username, password and database variables according to your server settings.

  3. Launch the application!!

  4. User login details include:  i. Doctor: email: mojonugwa@hms.com, password: doctor13248  ii. Admin: email: jsokpo@hms.com, password: admin13317  iii. Nurse: email: palaye@hms.com, password: nurse13305  iv. Patient: email: mogbebe@hms.com, password: patient13309  v. Pharmacist: email: gachubu@hms.com, password: pharmacist13313  vi. Accountant📧 jalabi@hms.com, password: accountant13244  vii. Laboratorist: email: senedu@hms.com, password: laboratorist13252  


This is a Hospital management system that allows authenticated users to manage the statutory components of a health system


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