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Rocket.Chat mobile clients

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Rocket.Chat Mobile

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Supported Server Versions: 0.70.0+


Official apps

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Experimental apps

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Beta Access


You can signup to our TestFlight builds by accessing these links:

Google Play beta

You can subscribe to Google Play Beta program and download latest versions:

Reporting an Issue

Github Issues are used to track todos, bugs, feature requests, and more.

Also check the #react-native community on open.rocket.chat. We'd like to help.

Installing dependencies

Follow the React Native Getting Started Guide for detailed instructions on setting up your local machine for development.

How to run

  • Clone repository and install dependencies:

    $ git clone git@github.com:RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.ReactNative.git
    $ cd Rocket.Chat.ReactNative
    $ yarn global add react-native-cli
    $ yarn
  • Run application

    $ react-native run-ios
    $ react-native run-android

Running single server

If you don't need multiple servers, there is a branch single-server just for that. Readme will guide you on how to config.

Current priorities

  1. Omnichannel support
  2. E2E encryption


Feature Status
Jitsi Integration
Federation (Directory)
Record Audio
Record Video
Draft message per room
Share Extension
Notifications Preferences
Edited status
Upload video
Grouped messages
Mark room as read
Mark room as unread
Tablet Support
Read receipt
Broadbast Channel
Authentication via SAML
Authentication via CAS
Custom Fields on Signup
Report message
Settings -> Review the App
Settings -> Default Browser
Admin panel
Reply message from notification
Unread counter banner on message list
E2E Encryption
Join a Protected Room
Optional Analytics
Settings -> About us
Settings -> Contact us
Settings -> Update App Icon
Settings -> Share
Accessibility (Medium)
Accessibility (Advanced)
Authentication via Meteor
Authentication via Wordpress
Authentication via Custom OAuth
Add user to the room
Send message
Authentication via Email
Authentication via Username
Authentication via LDAP
Message format: Markdown
Message format: System messages (Welcome, Message removed...)
Message format: links
Message format: images
Message format: replies
Message format: alias with custom message (title & text)
Messages list: day separation
Messages list: load more on scroll
Messages list: receive new messages via subscription
Subscriptions list
Segmented subscriptions list: Favorites
Segmented subscriptions list: Unreads
Segmented subscriptions list: DMs
Segmented subscriptions list: Channels
Subscriptions list: update user status via subscription
Numbers os messages unread in the Subscriptions list
Status change
Upload image
Take picture & upload it
Autocomplete with usernames
Autocomplete with @all & @here
Autocomplete room/channel name
Upload audio
Forgot your password
Login screen: terms of service
Login screen: privacy policy
Authentication via Google
Authentication via Facebook
Authentication via Twitter
Authentication via GitHub
Authentication via GitLab
Authentication via LinkedIn
Create channel
Search Local
Search in the API
Settings -> License
Settings -> App version
Autocomplete emoji
Upload file (documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, zip files, etc)
Copy message
Pin message
Unpin message
Channel Info screen -> Members
Channel Info screen -> Pinned
Channel Info screen -> Starred
Channel Info screen -> Uploads
Star message
Unstar message
Channel Info screen -> Topic
Channel Info screen -> Description
Star a channel
Message format: videos
Message format: audios
Edit message
Delete a message
Reply message
Quote message
Muted state
Offline reading
Offline writing
Edit profile
Custom emojis
Accessibility (Basic)
Tap notification, go to the channel
Deep links: Authentication
Deep links: Rooms
Full name setting
Read only rooms
Typing status
Create channel/group
Disable registration setting
Unread red line indicator on message list
Search Messages in Channel
Mentions List
Attachment List
Join a Room

Detox (end-to-end tests)

  • Build your app
$ detox build --configuration ios.sim.release
  • Run tests
$ detox test --configuration ios.sim.release


  • Open index.js

  • Uncomment following line

import './storybook';
  • Comment out following lines
import './app/ReactotronConfig';
import { AppRegistry } from 'react-native';
import App from './app/index';
import { name as appName } from './app.json';

AppRegistry.registerComponent(appName, () => App);
  • Start your application again


Rocket.Chat mobile clients


License:MIT License


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