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this is my toolkit

it has:

  • Address [helper class for pointers, dereferences, add/sub/get/to/at/as]
  • Stack [should really be called a 'StackFrame' but stack sounds better. You can grab locals/args/and traverse frames]
  • VMT [lets you clonea virtual method table, or simply cache all the methods in it]
  • hash [namespace built for doing constexpr compile time hasing (fnv1a used as an example)]
  • IMAGE_DIR [just a small helper class for image directories like the IAT/EAT/others]
  • Module [holds everything you would want to know about a module, including IAT/EAT]
  • Pattern [search for arrays of bytes with IDA style signatures]
  • PEB [holds every module and works by singleton]
  • Syscalls [allows you to retrieve a syscall by its hashed name and invoke the corresponding ordinal]
  • util [namespace with various helper functions]



Language:C++ 100.0%