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Stack Overflow tag dashboard and scorecard for open source projects.

Developers ask questions on Stack Overflow but it's not easy to get a picture of how well they're being served for a given project.

Superflow is a dashboard for maintainers, developer advocates and community managers to see how "healthy" their projects are on Stack Overflow by analyzing a given tag.

User Stories

As a user:

  • I want to follow multiple tags on Stack Overflow through a website
  • I want to enter a tag to "subscribe" to it
  • When I open the page it remembers my tags and shows me updated information

For each tag, I want to see a TODO section:

  • A list of unanswered questions, with ability to sort by how long ago they were asked
  • A list of questions with answers that have not been accepted

For each tag, I want to see metrics that tell me the overall health of the tag:

  • Total number of questions
  • % of questions with accepted answers
  • % of questions with answers that have not been accepted
  • Length of time since first ever tagged question (overall project age, kinda)
  • Question volume over time (growing? shrinking?)
  • Median time for a question to be answered
  • Top users with accepted answers


  • No login required, unless StackOverflow oauth login to get API access
  • All application state to be stored client-side instead of on a server-side database
  • All API calls either run client side if possible, or through a proxy API
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