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🕹 Manage Hack Club's DNS through a git repo

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Hack Club's DNS

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This repository is used for managing Hack Club's DNS configuration through OctoDNS. Please see its documentation for more information.

Adding a subdomain

  1. Create a fork of this repository.
  2. In your fork open the hackclub.com.yaml file and add the following alphabetically based off the subdomain name:
  - ttl: 1
    type: CNAME
  1. Replace SUBDOMAIN_NAME with the name of the sub-domain. So if the name was hello then the subdomain would be hello.hackclub.com.
  2. Replace SOURCE_DOMAIN_OR_IP with the domain or IP address of the website you want the subdomain to go. If you are using an IP address change type: CNAME to type: A. Remember to leave that . at the end!
  3. Commit your changes and create the PR!

That's it! Someone with contributor access to the repo will then review your PR.


🕹 Manage Hack Club's DNS through a git repo



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