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nyaa-dl is a command line program to download torrents files from nyaa.

Don't use this for illegal download purposes. I'm not responsible for any trouble.


Please download commands from Releases Page.

  • Windows (64bit): nyaa-dl_x.x.x_Windows_x86_64.exe
  • Windows (32bit): nyaa-dl_x.x.x_Windows_i386.exe

If you want to build it yourself, run make or go build -o ./nyaa-dl.out cmd/nyaa-dl/main.go.


See ./nyaa-dl.exe --help for more usage.


First, prepare a json configuration file, e.g. config.json.

    "targets": [
            "title": "Art - Doujinshi",
            "domain": "nyaa.example.com",
            "requiredDownloads": 6000,
            "maxPage": 2,
            "category": "1_2",
            "query": "MyFavoriteArtist",
            "trustedOnly": true

You can specify multiple targets, and a target speficitaions are here.

  • title: Free title.
  • domain: The domain of nyaa. e.g. nyaa.example.com from https://nyaa.example.com.
  • requiredDownloads: Minimum number of downloads threshold to download.
  • maxPage: Max page to check torrent files.
  • category (Optional): The value of c from https://nyaa.example.com/?c=1_2.
  • query (Optional): The value of q from https://nyaa.example.com/?q=YourSearchQuery.
  • trustedOnly: The flag whether is downloading from only trusted user uploaded files.


For example, you can exec nyaa-dl like ./nyaa-dl.exe --config="./config.json" --output="./my-torrents".
This command crawls nyaa by ./config.json and saves torrent files to ./my-torrents. When executed it a second time, skips to download already downloaded torrent files. So basically you don't have to remove torrent files in ./my-torrents.

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