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ai2thor cup picking using a3c

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A3Thor - object driven navigation in indoor scene using A3C

This is final project of final semester in robotic - INT 3409 1

We using A3C - Asynchronous advantage actor critic algorithm to train an agent navigating in side simulated environment ai2thor


This project includes implementations of A3C in ./A3C/

to train the model, using:

python --is_ai2thor

to visualize result, using:

python --is_ai2thor --critic_path */A3C/model/critic-model* --actor_path */A3C/model/actor-model*

The default training parameter is 5000 episodes, 5 threads


Clone this repository:

Install Python dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Highly recommend to install tensorflow using conda:

conda install tensorflow-gpu

Project description

  • this project using gym-style interface of ai2thor environment
  • objective is simply picking an apple in kitchen environment - FloorPlan28
  • observation space is first-view RGB 128x128 image from agent's camera
  • maximum step in this project is 500
  • reward fuction:
    • -0.01 each time step
    • 1 if agent can pick an apple, the env than terminate
    • 0.01 if agent saw an apple (has been removed in latest code)
  • a pre-train mobilenet-v2 model on image-net is used an feature extractor for later dense layer both actor and critic model
  • actor optimizer using Advantages + Entropy term to encourage exploration (


  • this project trained on xenon E5-2667v2 + GTX1070, with 1,444,234 parameters for actor and 1,443,073 params for critic model the objective is simple so that the model converge very fast, detail log and trained model in ./A3C/

This project greatly thanks to material:


ai2thor cup picking using a3c

License:MIT License


Language:Python 100.0%