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This is the repository for the weather app that students build during the Developing Android Apps course at Udacity.

To use this repository, fork/clone it, or download a zip using the green "Clone or download" button at the top of the file list. Each coding exercise in the course has starter code in a folder labeled like S01.01-Exercise-CreateLayout, and corresponding solution code labeled like S01.01-Solution-CreateLayout. The intended workflow is for you to open the starter code for each exercise in Android Studio, and complete each of the tasks labeled TODO. You can easily find all such tasks using the TODO pane at the bottom left of Android Studio.

When you're done, or if you run into any problems, you can open up the solution code in another Android Studio window, and compare our solution to what you've written!


Because of the way this repository is constructed, pull requests don't really work. Issues, however, are gratefully accepted!

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License:Apache License 2.0


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