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Xoogler Shortcuts

Xoogler Shortcuts is a Chrome extension that provides url based shortcuts for common destinations that many Googlers (current and former) are probably familiar with. Miss typing c/ in your url box to quickly navigate to your calendar? Then this extension is for you.

Available in the Chrome Web Store.

Included shortcuts

  • b/
  • c/
  • cl/
  • cs/
  • docs/
  • drive/
  • m/
  • moma/
  • sheets/
  • slides/
  • who/

All shortcuts can be overridden with custom destinations from the extension's options page.

go/ links

Xoogler Shortcuts also supports go/ based shortcuts. Type go/whatever to create a new shortcut. Type just go/ to manage shortcuts. Shortcuts are synced to your Chrome profile and only visible to you.

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