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PHP wrapper to easily call the Java metadata-extrator library.

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PHP wrapper to easily call the Java metadata-extrator library.

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php-metadata-extractor is a wrapper used to call the powerful Java metadata-extractor library and have access to the same APIs in PHP.

So here we'll provide the same documentation as metadata-extractor but for PHP, here is how to get metadata with the library.

Metadata metadata = ImageMetadataReader.readMetadata(imagePath);


The easiest way to install the library is to use composer and define the following dependency inside your composer.json file :

    "require": {
        "gomoob/php-metadata-extractor": "~2.9"

Please also note that because the library is a wrapper around a Java library the java executable must be available in your PATH variable.


To easier version identification the version of php-metadata-extractor will always be aligned with the version of the Java metadata-extractor library.

Stable versions of php-metadata-extrator will be equal to X.Y.Z-N where N represents a patch number associated to php-metadata-extractor.

Unstable or uncomplete versions of php-metadata-extractor will be equal to X.Y.Z-alpha.N,
X.Y.Z-beta.N or X.Y.Z-rc.N.



The metadata-extractor Java library is very complete, so we need to improve its integration, if you would like to contribute please respect the following rules :

  • Create your pull requests only on the develop branch, the master branch should only be used by Gomoob to create new versions ;
  • Use the grunt phpcbf command to automatically format your code with PHP Code Sniffer ;
  • Use the grunt phpcs command to check your code before creating your Pull request ;
  • Always try to fully document your classes, properties and functions.


The build scripts are managed with Grunt, to use is you first have to install Node and use the npm install.

The PHP dependencies are managed with Composer, run the composer update command before calling any build command.

Ensure you have a working Java environnement and that the java executable is available in your PATH.

The following builds are available :

  • grunt clean temporary build files, run the PHPUnit unit tests and generated the PHPDocumentor documentation ;
  • grunt phpcbf automatically clean the source code for PHP Code Sniffer ;
  • grunt phpcs check the validity of the source code with PHP Code Sniffer ;
  • grunt test execute the PHPUnit unit tests ;
  • grunt generate-documentation generate the PHPDocumentor documentation ;
  • grunt pdepend generate the PDepend quality charts ;
  • grunt phpmd generate the PHPMD code quality reports.

Release history

2.9.1-alpha.4 (2016-08-25)

  • Add \Gomoob\MetadataExtractor\Metadata\Photoshop\DuckyDirectory class.

2.9.1-alpha.3 (2016-08-25)

  • Add \Gomoob\MetadataExtractor\Metadata\Bmp\BmpHeaderDescriptor to begin management of BMP files ;
  • Add \Gomoob\MetadataExtractor\Metadata\Bmp\BmpHeaderDirectory to begin management of BMP files ;
  • Update composer dependencies and improve composer configuration.

2.9.1-alpha.2 (2016-08-10)

  • Implement the \Gomoob\MetadataExtractor\Metadata\Directory#containsTag($tagType) method ;
  • Fix unit tests on Travis ;
  • Add contribution instructions in the README file.

2.9.1-alpha.1 (2016-08-09)

  • Initial version.

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PHP wrapper to easily call the Java metadata-extrator library.

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