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🌲 A list of companies using Elm in production.

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Elm Companies

A curated list of companies using Elm in production, organized by industry.

Inspired by Doomspork's Elixir companies list.


  • CARFAX (GitHub) - CARFAX provide a comprehensive vehicle history database for North America.

  • carwow (GitHub) - Based in London and Munich, carwow is the most convenient, stress-free way to find and buy a new car, at a price you can be confident in, and we love Elm!


  • CBANC Network - Largest network of banking professionals with tools for banks to collaborate as well as manage their business. We have converted all new front-end development to Elm.


  • Adrima (Github) (Medium)- Adrima is a Spanish development company with more than 10 years of experience who loves building software using the greatest technologies. We use Elm extensively in our product related to employment.
  • Bendyworks (GitHub) - Bendyworks is a team of passionate developers in Madison, Wisconsin dedicated to sharing joy and success in our craft.
  • Futurice (GitHub) - Futurice helps clients generate innovative ideas and turn them into software that works.
  • Gizra (GitHub) - Gizra build websites.
  • Test Double (GitHub) - Test Double is an agency of highly-skilled developers on a mission to improve how the world writes software.
  • thoughtbot (GitHub) (Blog) - With over 10 years of experience, offices in major tech hubs, and a staff of developers and designers from startup backgrounds, thoughtbot can assist in all steps of the business and development process.


  • DailyDrip (GitHub) - DailyDrip is a continuous education platform. Daily bite-sized videos on new tech.
  • Mimo (Github) - We're on a mission to find the best way to learn in a digital world.
  • NoRedInk (GitHub) - NoRedInk provide a language learning platform for children. Evan Czaplicki, the creator of Elm, is a NoRedInk employee.
  • Roompact - Roompact is a Chicago-based company that makes a residential education, learning, and engagement platform used by university residence life departments.


  • CircuitHub (GitHub) - CircuitHub provide on demand electronics manufacturing with instant quotes.


  • Illuminate (Github) - Illuminate equips radiology departments with critical data to save time and money, improve quality and safety, monitor productivity
    and efficiency, and enhance diagnostic accuracy.
  • SMRxT (Blog) - SMRxT’s medication adherence system, Nomi, records patient medication behavior as it happens. By using real-time insights, the system reinforces positive behavior and intervenes to help patients take their medication and continue their treatment.

Human Resources

  • TruQu (GitHub) - TruQu provide a HR solution to collect and analyze feedback, giving employees control over their own development.


  • iZettle (GitHub) iZettle is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge commerce tools — offering everything you need to take quick payments, ease day-to-day management, and get the funding to grow.

Location Marketing

  • PinMeTo (Github) - location based marketing technology company.


  • Logistically - Transportation management SaaS for 3PLs, brokers, and shippers.

Media Services

  • Hearken (GitHub) - Hearken provides process consulting and supporting technology for media organizations to better engage with their audience.
  • Nomalab (GitHub) - Nomalab is a digital logistics platform for producers, content owners, distributors, broadcasters and publishers.


  • KOVnet (GitHub) - Planning for daycare centers. Planning children and careworkers, invoicing parents.
  • Wejoinin (GitHub) - Signup sheets for event planning and volunteer management.

Project Management

  • PivotalTracker (GitHub) - Pivotal Tracker provide a project management tool for agile software development teams.

Product Sampling

  • SoPost - SoPost is a product sampling platform. Nearly always hiring in Newcastle & Edinburgh (UK).


  • Day One (GitHub) - Day One is a simple and beautiful way to archive your life.
  • RexPad - Nimble collaborative note-taking.

Real Estate

  • EXR (GitHub) - EXR is a residential and commercial real estate brokerage building a better experience for buying, selling, and leasing real estate.

Rummage sales

Social Media

  • wonktonk - Where policy wonks propose and refine solutions to challenging public problems

Sustainability Technology

  • (Gitlab, GitHub) - helps individuals bring nature back in to their urban environment.


  • Beautiful Destinations (GitHub) - Beautiful Destinations is the award-winning creative agency behind the largest travel community on social media.
  • AS Tallink Grupp (GitHub) - one of the biggest shipping companies currently operating in the Baltic Sea, with cruise and shuttle ships traveling between Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga and other major cities in the region.


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🌲 A list of companies using Elm in production.


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