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The papers and books I've read or am about to read.

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These are papers, textbooks, and articles which I've read and found useful or interesting. Inclusion of a text within my personal library does not constitute condonement, approval, endorsement, or agreement of the claims and/or opinions expressed within.

Further, I make zero guarantees w.r.t. safety of parsing the files contained within this repository. PARSE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

With probability negligibly < 1, I will not take pull requests for this repository. However, reading suggestions are welcome, particularly when they come with some explanation as to the relevance or worth of the material.

Anonymity, Privacy, & Censorship Circumvention

For further resources in anonymity and privacy, see also Freehaven's AnonBib.

For resources on online censorship and censorship circumvention, see Philipp Winter's CensorBib (also on Github).

Quantum Programming Languages

For further resources, see also Professor Simon Gay's Bibliography on Quantum Programming Languages.

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The papers and books I've read or am about to read.


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