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Binary Ninja plugin which enables an EVM disassembler and related analysis tools.



Ethersplay only supports Python >= 3.6.

Ensure that your Binary Ninja's Python library is set to Python 3.6+. You can change the ScriptingProvider in the Advanced Settings.

Install the dependencies:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Create a symbolic link to the Binary Ninja plugin folder. E.g., in macOS

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Binary\ Ninja/plugins
ln -s <your_download_location>/ethersplay/ethersplay .


cd ~/.binaryninja/plugins
ln -s <your_download_location>/ethersplay/ethersplay .

How to Use

Ethersplay takes as input the evm bytecode in raw binary format.

To have the bytecode of a solidity file, use solc:

  • solc --bin-runtime file.sol: to print the bytecode of the runtime part of the contract (for most of the cases).
  • solc --bin file.sol: to print the initialisation bytecode of the contract (constructor),

Example using test.sol with following contents:

contract Test {
    uint256 value;
    function Test() {
        value = 5;
    function set_value(uint256 v) {
        value = v;
    function() payable {}

Run solidity to compile: solc --bin-runtime test.sol

solc prints the bytecode to stdout in the format below:

======= test.sol:Test =======
Binary of the runtime part:

Copy the ascii hex string, and then create a new file in Binary Ninja. Right-click and select Paste From -> Raw Hex. The output should look identical to the earlier example image. Save this file as test.evm and close it. Alternatively, paste the ascii hex string into a new text file, and run the utils/ on that file.

test.evm can now be loaded into Binary Ninja.

Note: The file must end in .evm to be recognized as an EVM bytecode binary file.


Render Flowgraphs

Generates a clean control flow graph of all functions.

Before: before

After: !after

Manticore coverage

Colors the basic blocks explored through Manticore (using the visited.txt or *.trace files).

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EVM dissassembler

License:GNU Affero General Public License v3.0


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