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A learning management plugin for WordPress, which provides the smoothest platform for helping you teach anything.

Sensei LMS is a commercial plugin available from The plugin is hosted here on a public Github repository in order to better facilitate community contributions from developers and users alike. If you have a suggestion, a bug report, or a patch for an issue, feel free to submit it here (following the guidelines below). We do ask, however, that if you are using the plugin on a live site that you please purchase a valid license from the website. We cannot provide support or one-click updates to anyone that does not hold a valid license key.


The Sensei LMS structural model can be divided into components. These components are not well separated in the current version, but serves as a model for future changes.

  • Core
    • Post Types
    • Settings
  • Users
    • Teachers
    • Learners
    • Messages
    • Emails
  • Content
    • Courses
    • Modules
    • Lessons
    • Shortcodes
  • Analytics
  • Assessment
  • Views
    • Templates (Frontend)
    • Admin
    • Installation
  • Access Management
    • eCommerce
    • Membership
    • Permissions

Contributing to Sensei LMS

See our guidelines here: Contributing to Sensei LMS

Development Blog

Please follow further development updates at

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Sensei LMS WordPress Plugin

License:GNU General Public License v2.0


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