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Next Generation Shiny Apps with bslib

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Next Generation Shiny Apps with {bslib}

Garrick Aden-Buie
Online workshop at R/Medicine 2024
Tuesday, June 11, 2024
11:00am to 2:00pm


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πŸ“¦ Repository

File Organization

There are three main directories in this repository:

  • πŸ“ exercises/ contains starter code and example solutions for each exercise

    • exercises/01_app.R - The starter code for the first exercise
    • exercises/01_solution_app.R - An example solution for the first exercise
  • πŸ“ examples/ contains demo apps used in the workshop

  • πŸ“ website/ contains the website materials and slides

Local Setup

If you prefer to use your own computer, you can clone the repository and install the necessary packages. I used R 4.4 but any recent version of R (>= 4.1) should work.

You can use the usethis package to quickly clone the repository:

  # Decide where to put the project here:
  destdir = "~/Desktop/rmedicine-2024-bslib"

This will download the repository and open the project in RStudio. Inside the project, use the renv package to install the necessary packages:


For very speedy installation, I recommend telling renv to use pak to install packages:

Sys.setenv(RENV_CONFIG_PAK_ENABLED = "true")


Next Generation Shiny Apps with bslib

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