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Instantly create Swift playgrounds from the command line

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Swift 4.0 Marathon SPM @johnsundell

Welcome to playground, a Swift script that enables you to super quickly generate Swift playgrounds from the command line - with or without dependencies - for any supported platform.

It essentially provies a command line interface to Xgen.


  • Generate playgrounds in seconds.
  • Automatically reuse any playground created today, for easy code note taking.
  • Add dependencies to a playground with a simple command - no more fiddling with workspaces.
  • Easily open a Gist or code from a GitHub URL in a playground.
  • Supports iOS, macOS & tvOS.


Simply run playground and a new playground will be created and opened

$ playground

You can also supply various arguments to customize your playground:

Add a playground at a specific path

$ playground -t ~/MyPlayground

Add some dependencies to your playground

$ playground -d ~/unbox/unbox.xcodeproj,~/files/files.xcodeproj

Open the contents of a Gist, a GitHub URL or any other URL in a playground

$ playground -u

Quickly get started with view code prototyping

$ playground -v

Specify what platform you want the playground to run on

$ playground -p tvOS

For all available options, run $ playground -h


The easiest way to install playground is using Marathon:

$ marathon install johnsundell/playground

You can also install it using the Swift Package Manager:

$ git clone
$ cd Playground
$ mv Sources/Playground.swift Sources/main.swift
$ swift build -c release -Xswiftc -static-stdlib
$ cp -f .build/release/Playground /usr/local/bin/playground

Help, feedback or suggestions?

  • Open an issue if you need help, if you found a bug, or if you want to discuss a feature request.
  • Open a PR if you want to make some change to playground.
  • Contact @johnsundell on Twitter for discussions, news & announcements about playground & other projects.


Instantly create Swift playgrounds from the command line

License:MIT License


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