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Boilerplate for npm modules with ES6 features and all the best practices

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NPM Module Boilerplate

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NOTE: This setup is pretty old and outdated for 2022. I need to update it to use Microbundle. In the meanwhile, do yourself a favour and setup your lib with Microbundle directly (it's pretty simple and straightforward) instead of using the boilerplate code.

Start developing your NPM module in seconds

Readymade boilerplate setup with all the best practices to kick start your npm/node module development.

Happy hacking =)


  • ES6/ESNext - Write ES6 code and Babel will transpile it to ES5 for backwards compatibility
  • Test - Mocha with Istanbul coverage
  • Lint - Preconfigured ESlint with Airbnb config
  • CI - TravisCI configuration setup
  • Minify - Built code will be minified for performance


  • npm run clean - Remove lib/ directory
  • npm test - Run tests with linting and coverage results.
  • npm test:only - Run tests without linting or coverage.
  • npm test:watch - You can even re-run tests on file changes!
  • npm test:prod - Run tests with minified code.
  • npm run test:examples - Test written examples on pure JS for better understanding module usage.
  • npm run lint - Run ESlint with airbnb-config
  • npm run cover - Get coverage report for your code.
  • npm run build - Babel will transpile ES6 => ES5 and minify the code.
  • npm run prepublish - Hook for npm. Do all the checks before publishing your module.


Just clone this repo and remove .git folder.


MIT © Dinesh Pandiyan


Boilerplate for npm modules with ES6 features and all the best practices

License:MIT License


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