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Space shooter game based on the book Reactive Programming with RxJS 5

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RxJS Space Shooter

🚀 abbekeultjes.nl/rxjs-space-shooter


In the excellent book Reactive Programming with RxJS 5 the author Sergi Mansilla explains how to make a spaceship game where the player shoots enemies flying in from the top of the screen.

This project continues where he left off and is solely for learning purposes.


npm i
npm start

Open localhost:1234


  1. make player follow mouse anywhere, not just the x position (use drag)
  2. occasionally drop bonus points
  3. special weapons:
  • bomb to clear all enemies
  • homing missile
  • temporary faster shooting that doesn't cost points
  1. better UI:
  • start screen with play button
  • pause on escape key
  • restart button after game over

Ideas for framework

Name: Warp Pipe?

Things needed:

  • set tick interval
  • add entities, each:
    • define source observable (can be Subject), gets called with view (?)
    • startWith() (optional) method that's called once to trigger first emit
    • onTick() gets called on each tick, passing all entities for that tick (is observer?)
    • renderer that gets called with view (?) and all entities
  • set game over (used to stop the stream)
  • onStart() gets called once before start (and/or after start?)
  • onComplete() gets called once on completion, passing all entities


Space shooter game based on the book Reactive Programming with RxJS 5


License:MIT License


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