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This is the source code for the website, both backend and frontend. That's running on https://beta.flathub.org and hopefully soon https://flathub.org

Code contribution

First of all thanks for considering contributing to this project!

Pull request are welcome. Please, create an issue first explaining what you want to do and how.


You'll need git, yarn, docker and docker-compose.

Go to the folder where you manage your projects and checkout this project.

Then start the backend:

cd backend
docker-compose up

You might need to use --build to rebuid the images, when dependencies change.

Use another terminal session to run the following or use your browser to go to localhost:8000/docs and use the UI to run the /update endpoint. This will populate the database with the latest data from the flathub.

curl -X POST localhost:8000/update

Then open a terminal and go the the frontend folder. If it's the first time you run it, run


Then you should be able to start the dev server and see changed to the code:

yarn dev


You can also start the storybook via:

yarn storybook

More backend instructions

You can find more backend instructions in the readme in the backend folder.


We're using Weblate to translate the UI. So feel free, to contribute translations over there.

Stripe payment testing

In both staging and development environments, Stripe is running in test mode (all data is fake). To test payment, card details can be used from https://stripe.com/docs/testing.


Monorepo with website and API


License:Apache License 2.0


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