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An open source and crowdfunded book about Bitcoins Lightning Network to scale blockchain technologies.

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I am trying to create an educational open source book about the Lightning Network. The scope is to spread education about the Lightning Network for developers and for people interested in Bitcoin, blockchain technologies and cryptographic currencies. This book should also serve as a reference.

Find the first draft with a table of contents at

If you want to learn more about my educational efforts please have a look at my educational YouTube channel about the Lightning Network over at:

Support this work

Since this is an open source effort I rely on support of the community. In order to be able to work full time on this book I need a budget of 21.21212121 BTC (with current exchange rates). As writing a technical book was my childhood dream and since I am interested in education in general I am willing to self-fund part of my costs. Still I will be grateful and in particular more focused if you support this work.

You can donate via Tallycoin at:

Or become a patreon at:


There is a guide for contributors at:

  • I will accept pull requests that help with orthography and grammar.
  • I will be particularly happy if you review my work and give feedback via the comment function of GitHub or via pull requests. I am also trying to live stream while writing on I encourage you to show up and give feedback while I am writing.

Before you write substantial parts and make a pull request contact me or expect that I won't merge your pull request. Creating educational content is not so much about collecting a bunch of knowledge but more about presenting it in a concise way. Therefore I have to be careful about collaboration. This does not mean that I am not open for collaboration.

All contributors (people who make a pull request) must transfer a non-exclusive, non-revocable, sub-licensable, worldwide, royalty-free license to me since potential publishers will require this from me. I will include a list of contributors at the end of the book. There will also be a list of donors (if they want to be included).


Since the book is still in the process of being written I do not encourage people to start translating the book to other languages yet. However it would be great if at a later stage you want to translate the book. If you are willing to do that please contact me.


Though this could have been an ICO, it is not. There is no token presale. As for the crowdfunding I only accept real currencies which are Bitcoin and fiat (since it is still being used). I will not accept altcoins (unless they have a compatible Lightning Network implementation) or BCH.

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An open source and crowdfunded book about Bitcoins Lightning Network to scale blockchain technologies.



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