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A cheat sheet for if I am somehow incapacitated.

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Cheat-Sheet For if I'm Not Around

This is a reusable and updatable cheat sheet template for organizing your personal affairs so that someone can pick up and access what they need to without adding undue stress or having to dig for account numbers, passwords, or papers lying around. It is written in Markdown.

For security purposes, make sure to rename the example.md file as the gitignore will only track that file and the readme.

I would also advise that you don't write down any crypto phrases or password manager master passwords directly in the document but rather to print it out, add that information in pen, and store it in multiple, secure physical locations.


I do not pretend to have any sort of legal knowledge so none of this should be taken as legal advice.

I also realize that this is very US-centric so it may have to be modified for those not living in the US.

Feel free to make a PR if I have forgotten anything important that you think of.

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A cheat sheet for if I am somehow incapacitated.

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