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Richard Myron Fairchild

Richard lived a long and productive life. He passed away peacefully at his home Saturday, May 23, 2015 after nearly 77 years of memories. He was born in Santa Maria, California to Stephen and Helen Fairchild. He lived his entire life in the communities of Santa Maria, Cuyama Valley, and Ventura county.

Richard was an active and passionate man always working on projects. There was still fresh sawdust on the floor of his shop. Richard battled Parkinson’s since 1993. He refused to let it slow him down. He just had to be cleverer. He’d come up with ingenious ways to accomplish whatever it was he set his mind to. What he set his mind too often involved sawing, drilling, bolting, cutting and assembling something. He was a builder. Parkinson’s caused more and more falls toward the end. He would fall, rest, get up and keep on going.

Dad always said memories were worth investing in, and he did, so we did. Memories of bailing hay, picking up rocks, flying low over the fields in crop dusters, dirt bike trips, camping, living on the boat and cruising through Baja, island trips, water skiing, plenty of boatyard BBQ’s and many a Karaoke tune. When Dad did something he typically did it to the extreme. The boats were ship-shape, repairs and improvements were uncompromising, the Karaoke setup was professional and the BBQ’s were memorable. We have a wealth of good memories. Dad had a good life, and ended it well, doing what he wanted up to nearly the very end. He was a kind and generous, always willing to help, be it lending a tool, financial help or his time. He often did.

Richard graduated from the University of California at Davis with a degree in agriculture. He formed lasting friendships thru the AGR fraternity he was in. He spent 8 years in the Army Reserves, receiving an honorable discharge as a First Lieutenant. He was an avid private pilot , learning to fly in his teenage years. Thru the years he owned and flew a variety of planes: crop dusters, an AT6, Cesna195 and SuperCub. The driveway at the Cuyama home doubled as an airstrip. Richard was a well known farmer in Cuyama Valley.

After many years farming, Richard bought Anacapa Marine Services, a boatyard in Channel Islands Harbor. He ran a successful business, and fed his passion for boating and building memories.

Family was a central part of Richard’s life. His parents, Stephen and Helen Fairchild, his sister, Bernice Almberg, and his son Stephen Fairchild preceded him in death. He is survived by his daughter Karen Courtney, his son Michael Fairchild, 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and a multitude of friends.

A special thanks to the people that helped care and support him.

He will be remembered and missed.





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