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Grab your own sweet-looking '.is-a.dev' subdomain

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is-a-dev is a service that allows developers to get a sweet-looking .is-a.dev domain for their personal websites.


Register service

Try our new service to easily register the subdomain of your choice. Visit: https://register.is-a.dev/

How do I register?

  • Fork this repository.
  • Add a new domains/your-domain-name.json file directory to register your-domain-name.is-a.dev.
  • Read the docs.
  • The PR will be reviewed and merged.
  • After merging, the changes will take effect within a day!
  • That's it! Done! Now go show off your cool .is-a.dev domain!


This project is a free and open source service for developers and will stay that way.

Please consider donating to help me keep this running forever!

Also, consider starring this repo!

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You can check the uptime of the service via our status dashboard.


This project is under the GPL-3.0 license.


Grab your own sweet-looking '.is-a.dev' subdomain


License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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