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Typical Ticketing System

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A typical ticketing system that provides both gRPC and REST interfaces. This project is intended to be used by internal microservices so we recommend to not expose interfaces directly to the public network.

How to test and build

The requirements to test and build the project are as follow:

Requirement Version
protoc 3.9.2
golang/protobuf 1.3.2
postgres 11.6
nats 2.1.2

To build an executable instance of the project, use:


Also to run tests you can use the test.sh script (Ensure docker is up and running):


And to build a docker image (Images also available on Docker Hub)

docker build -t image:tag .

How to run

./kiosk-linux-[version] --config path/to/kiosk.json starts the project, easily! See configs/kiosk.json for an example configuration.

Interface Documentation

Kiosk provides two different types of interfaces, one is based on gRPC as protobuf definitions and the other is REST API.

Protobuf Definitions
REST API Specification


Typical Ticketing System

License:Apache License 2.0


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