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Kamstrup Meter plugin for Domoticz

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Kamstrup Meter (Sonoff-Tasmota MQTT) plugin

Domoticz Python plugin which implements support for Kamstrup Meters (district heating, and others) connected to Sonoff-Tasmota device.


  • Supports multiple meters
    • The plugin has been tested with a single KM402 district heating meter
    • Please open PR or issue for support for other meter or meter type


  • Sonoff-Tasmota device connected to Kamstrup meter using IR eye
  • Important: Two Domoticz instances can't be connected to the same meter, it will cause CRC errors on the received data
    • This has not been debugged, unclear if it's a limitation in the Kamstrup meters or a bug


  • Clone this project into Domoticz 'plugins' folder
  • Restart Domoticz
  • Create hardware of type "Kamstrup Meter (Sonoff-Tasmota MQTT)"
    • Set MQTT IP and port
    • Set the topic of the Sonoff-Tasmota device connected to your meter.
      • Multiple devices are supported, separate the topics by comma
    • Set "Debug" to "Verbose" for debug log
  • Domoticz will now try to identify the meter type and add it to Domoticz
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Kamstrup Meter plugin for Domoticz

License:MIT License


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