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A Sage fork ready for Woocommerce, with Bootstrap and automation in common tasks. Stop being a robot by customising common templates again & again and make your life easier with this boilerplate.

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SageWoo - The ultimate boilerplate

A Sage fork ready for Woocommerce, with Bootstrap and automation in common tasks. Stop being a robot by customising common templates again & again and make your life easier with this boilerplate.


Despite the organised backend code and the abstraction on top of abastraction, the Woocommerce frontend has many issues. Its been made for Woocommerce default styling, has difficult markup, countless classes and name collisions with the Bootstrap framework (col-1, form-row classes etc). Many of its classes are not name spaced and I had issues a few times with that. I need more flexibility on my workflow. Also with the new Sage 9, to setup Woocommerce it's a pain in the ass and the amount of boilerplate code it's big and confusing.

In this boilerplate, I didn't use the woocommerce.blade.php with the App\template('woocommerce') method. I just override single-product and archive-product with blade ones. So now the controller works flawlessly on top of them, and we can have total flexibility on markup.

⚠️⚠️ This isn't the usual Wordpress template!

This template is NOT for non-developers. It doesn't have any styling! Each one component has the least minimal design for flexibility reasons.

This boilerplate uses Sage 9 starter theme, which in turn provides the latest best practices in PHP world (eg composer, Blade Template Engine, Webpack etc) This is NOT for classic Wordpress developers who prefer plain PHP or obsolete JS. Everything here is highly coupled with Sage 9 and modern practices.

Sage 9 and Bedrock made me stay in the Wordpress/PHP world for website projects and I strongly recommend it to you. Your workflow speed will increase at unimaginable levels.

What's in the box?

  • Some screenshots
  • Woocommerce support out of the box with working Controller (for single-product, archive-product)
  • Radio/Select switcher for product options!
  • Decluttered markup in common templates for best flexibility (eg checkout, single product, archive-product etc)
  • Whenever the markup is dangerous to change (like common updated templates or very difficult to read code), a graceful css styling provided (eg the form-pay.php)
  • Responsive!
  • Organised SCSS code
  • Namespaced classes sw-** for rapid styling
  • BEM methodology for very very clean SCSS code


  • Controller is not working inside woocommerce templates which are not included with blade (eg form-billing.blade.php)
  • System status on woocommerce settings doesn't show override templates. If you know a fix, it would be awesome!
  • In the scss files you'll see some very, VERY dirty code. It's like that because of the graceful reset styling on vanilla Woo markup



cd themes-directory
git clone https://github.com/hambos22/sage-woo.git theme-name
cd theme-name
composer install
composer run-script sage-woo-setup

Some notes

I extended Roots\Sage\Installer\ComposerScript and modified it a little bit to disable Bootstrap initialisation, keeping everything else intact. The composer run-script sage-woo-setup gives you the ability to set via cli the theme's credentials as Sage does. I was thinking to make a shell script for those simple operations but I prefer to use the official way for future compatibility reasons

You can find it here:

├── SageWoo
│   └── SageInstallerMod.php

Also, I have disabled the style lint because is very annoying. If you want it enabled you can uncomment the relevant code in webpack config.


  • Single Product
  • Archive Product
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Radio Buttons
  • Notices
  • Forms
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Pagination
  • Form validation
  • Tabs*
  • Sale badge (varies by design so on consideration)*
  • Up-sells*
  • Reviews*

*rarely used, on consideration, PRs are welcomed :)


Current bladified woocommerce templates are the following. I always use custom markup on these. They are already filled up with their default actions so feel free to create awesomeness fast. You can find them at resources/views/woocommerce. Controller only works on content-product and content-single-product because they got included via Blade

├── cart
│   └── cart-empty.blade.php
├── checkout
│   ├── cart-errors.blade.php
│   ├── form-billing.blade.php
│   ├── form-checkout.blade.php
│   ├── form-coupon.blade.php
│   └── form-shipping.blade.php
├── content-product.blade.php
├── content-single-product.blade.php
├── global
│   ├── breadcrumb.blade.php
│   └── form-login.blade.php
├── myaccount
│   ├── form-edit-account.blade.php
│   ├── form-edit-address.blade.php
│   ├── form-login.blade.php
│   ├── form-lost-password.blade.php
│   ├── form-reset-password.blade.php
│   ├── lost-password-confirmation.blade.php
│   ├── my-account.blade.php
│   ├── my-address.blade.php
│   └── navigation.blade.php
├── notices
│   └── error.blade.php
├── order
│   └── order-details-customer.blade.php
├── single-product
│   └── add-to-cart
│       └── variable.blade.php
└── sw-components
    └── woo-radio.blade.php

YAML settings

I've added some common configs into a YAML file. From there you can easily enable/disable features like Google Analytics and basic hooks and actions manipulation! Look bellow for more info.

Misc Settings

You can tweak some usual settings easily by using sage-woo.yml

	remove_woo_styles: true # removes all Woocommerce css files
	remove_woo_scripts: #removes selected woo scripts, if all provided everything will be dequeued 
		- handler
		- handler #etc 
	analytics_id: 'UA-xxxxxx-Y' # add analytics script on footer
Handlers reference

Single Product Settings


Radio for product options in variable products!

One awesome feature of Sage Woo is the ability to use radio buttons instead of select boxes for product options in variable products! And of-course for selected attributes so you can have multiple form patterns! You can use the views/woocommerce/sw-components/woo-radio.blade.php for total customization and endless creative design! To enable it

		- slug
		- slug

How it works? Because I avoid tweaking core files or override functions, I decided to use an alternative method for rendering radio buttons. Behind the scenes DOMDocument parses the html of the woocommerce_dropdown_variation_attribute_options_html filter and using its values, renders the appropriate html. One thing which I couldn't interfere was the JS section. I was forced to fork the add-to-cart-variation.js so be careful on your woo updates! There is a high possibility to break things so test everything!

And also after each enable/disable don't forget to clear the cache!

Actions & Hooks

You can add or remove actions easily by using sage-woo.yml Use namespaces for your functions! namespace\func_name The format is the following:

	# 1st method
	remove: # selected actions
			namespace\func_name: order
			namespace\func_name: order
			# etc..
		hook_name: all # if 'all' provided every action which belongs to this hook is being removed
	# 2nd method, if you want total customisation just remove all actions
	remove_all: # removes all actions from every hook
		template_name: true #currently only single_product and product_archive.


			breadcrumb: 10
		woocommerce_archive_description: all 

Example 2

		single_product: true


Every action here has usually the prefix woocommerce_ except those who starts with WC or wc. I put them without prefixes for better readability. Numbers on the right are the order.

Product Archive
  • before_main_content
'output_content_wrapper' - 10
'breadcrumb' - 20
'WC_Structured_Data::generate_website_data()' - 30
  • archive_description
'taxonomy_archive_description' - 10
'product_archive_description' - 10
  • before_shop_loop
wc_print_notices - 10
result_count - 20
catalog_ordering - 30
  • shop_loop
'WC_Structured_Data::generate_product_data()' - 10

  • after_shop_loop
'pagination' - 10
  • no_products_found
'no_products_found' - 10
  • before_shop_loop_item
'template_loop_product_link_open' - 10
  • before_shop_loop_item_title
'show_product_loop_sale_flash' - 10,
'template_loop_product_thumbnail' - 10
  • shop_loop_item_title
'template_loop_product_title' - 10
  • after_shop_loop_item_title
'template_loop_rating' - 5,
'template_loop_price' - 10
  • after_shop_loop_item
'template_loop_product_link_close' - 5,
'template_loop_add_to_cart' - 10
Single Product
  • before_main_content
'output_content_wrapper' - 10,
'breadcrumb' - 20,
  • after_main_content
'output_content_wrapper_end' - 10
  • sidebar
'get_sidebar' - 10
  • before_single_product_summary
'show_product_sale_flash' - 10,
'show_product_images' - 20
  • single_product_summary
'template_single_title' - 5,
'template_single_rating' - 10,
'template_single_price' - 10,
'template_single_excerpt' - 20,
'template_single_add_to_cart' - 30,
'template_single_meta' - 40,
'template_single_sharing - 50',
'WC_Structured_Data::generate_product_data()' - 60
  • after_single_product_summary
'output_product_data_tabs' - 10,
'upsell_display' - 15,
'output_related_products - 20'


A Sage fork ready for Woocommerce, with Bootstrap and automation in common tasks. Stop being a robot by customising common templates again & again and make your life easier with this boilerplate.


License:MIT License


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