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This repository will hold the info gathered during the WordPress Core GDPR journey. It will be transferred to approriate other places when in a more finalised state.


The following goals are identified:

  1. Identify all personal data stored by core processes.

  2. Add tools (functions,hooks,etc.) in core to facilitate compliance, and privacy in general:

    • For Administrators/site owners to get an overview of what data is stored and how to use the tools
    • To anonymise/delete personal data
    • To show/export personal data (for transfer)
    • Add notices for both registered users and commenters on what data is collected in core by default, and why.
  3. Setup a privacy centre to hold GDPR information for site users, for site administrators, and developers.

    • For site users and administrators: What is collected, how long, why, etc
    • For developers: How to use the core tools


The roadmap can be found in this document.

Knowledge Base

See the separate document for the knowledge base.

Privacy Policy Snippets

See the separate document for cut and paste-able snippets for a site's privacy policy.


See the separate document about Cookies created by @pento and @clickysteve.

Synched info

See the separate document for the synched info created by @pento and @clickysteve.

Useful Links

A separate document is created with useful links.

Trac Tickets

We could keep a list updated with Trac tickets.


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