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A fork of twitch-curses with added features.

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Reflex-Curses is a TUI/CLI wrapper around streamlink, allowing for easy launching of streams from your terminal.

Fork of twitch-curses with added features.


  • Rewritten with classes
  • Launch multiple streams at once
  • Stream process no longer tied to terminal (setsid)
  • Launch chat for selected stream (browser/weechat/irssi)
  • Copy channel URL to clipboard (xclip)
  • Locally follow channels (No account needed) (+Imports from file/twitch user)
  • Custom Config File
  • VOD Support
  • Search by game name
  • Top streams view
  • Language filter (Game search only)
  • Vim like keybinds
  • Updated to Twitch v5 API
  • Color support
  • Fixed crashing with super small terminal resizing
  • Run one off cli commands



  • Python 3.6
  • python-requests


  • streamlink (launching streams)
  • xclip (clipboard support)
  • setsid (detach player from terminal)


  • firefox (default browser)
  • mpv (default player)
  • urxvt (default terminal)
  • weechat / irssi (irc)


Arch AUR

yay -S reflex-curses


System: python install

User: python install --user


sudo make install


reflex-curses [OPTION]

       NONE   Starts up the tui interface

       -a channel_name
              Add a twitch channel to your followed list

       -d channel_name
              Delete a twitch channel from your followed list

       -f     Prints out any followed streams that are online.

       -h, --help
              Print help message

       -i channel_name (--overwrite)
              Import channels followed by channel_name into your followed list.
              Default is to append to your current followed list, add --overwrite to replace it.
              NOTE: Currently limited to the results_limit (default: 75), large lists might not fully import.

       -v     Print version

More info available from the man page: man reflex-curses

An example dmenu script is Here

Default Keybinds

Page Navigation

Key Description
h Go back
j Move cursor down
k Move cursor up
l / Enter Enter menu or launch stream
n Next Page
p Previous page
r Refresh last query

Swap Views

Key Description
f Go to followed view
s Go to top streams view
t Go to top games view
v Go to VOD view


Key Description
/ General Search
g Search by Game Name (exact)

Quality Selection

Key Description
- Decrease quality
= Increase quality

Follow List

Key Description
a Add channel to followed list
d Delete channel from followed list
i Import follows from twitch user (limited)
o Toggle online/all streams in followed list


Key Description
c Open chat with chat method
y Yank channel url
q Quit


Configuration files are stored in ~/.config/reflex-curses

Config File

Config file is stored in ~/.config/reflex-curses/config

Default Config Example:

add = a
chat = c
delete = d
followed = f
game = g
back = h
down = j
up = k
forward = l
online = o
quit = q
refresh = r
t_stream = s
t_game = t
search = /
vods = v
yank = y
page+ = n
page- = p
qual+ = =
qual- = -

browser = firefox --new-window
chat_method = browser
player = mpv --force-window=yes
streamlink = streamlink -t '{author} - {title}' --twitch-disable-hosting 
term = urxvt -e

client_id = caozjg12y6hjop39wx996mxn585yqyk
lang =
results_limit = 75
retry_limit = 3

default_state = games
hl_color = blue
l_win_color = white
r_win_color = green
quality = best
show_borders = True
show_keys = True

address =
network = reflex
no_account = True
port = 6697


Reflex will by default connect to the saved network reflex.

To connect to twitch irc, you must either connect with the nick justinfanRANDOMNUMBERHERE or use an OAUTH Token for your account.

For more info, see the Twitch IRC Documentation


If you are connecting with weechat and using no_account, no configuration should be necessary, as reflex can add the network itself through launch arguments.

If using an account, see the above section on getting your oauth token and add it to your saved network.

NOTE: Reflex uses irc.server.network_name.autojoin in order to automatically connect to a channel when launched. It will overwrite the variable should it exist.


Irssi unfortunately does not appear to support running commands through launch arguments, so support is much more limited in comparison. Only the network option is supported at this time. Launching chat will also only copy the join command to your clipboard instead of automatically joining the channel.

If using an account, see the above section on getting your oauth token and add it to your saved network.

Followed List Import

In addition to the -i flag, reflex-curses can also mass import a list of channel names from a file.

Place entries (one per line) in ~/.config/reflex-curses/followed

Reflex-Curses will resolve the Channel IDs on startup.


A fork of twitch-curses with added features.

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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