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Android app to create GLSL shaders and use them as live wallpaper

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Shader Editor

Create and edit GLSL shaders on your Android phone or tablet and use them as live wallpaper.

Download from Google Play Shader Editor on fdroid.org


  • Live preview
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Error highlighting
  • FPS display
  • Use any shader as live wallpaper
  • Exposure of accelerometer sensor
  • Exposure of wallpaper offset
  • Exposure of battery level
  • Previous rendered frame in backbuffer texture


How many FPS should I get to set my shader as live wallpaper?

Some devices do limit the GPU to consume less power when not plugged in. That's why you should always check your FPS in full screen (use the eye icon in the upper left) with the power cord off. Your shader should make at least 30 FPS or so to not slow down the UI. Low resolution displays will produce better FPS as there's just a lot less to calculate.

How much battery will a live wallpaper take?

A live wallpaper should only consume battery when you see it. So it generally depends on how often and how long you look at it. With normal use, you shouldn't note a difference in battery consumption.

Errors are not highlighted

Unfortunately error information is disabled on some devices (e.g. Huawei Ideos X3, Asus Transformer). Error highlighting/reporting is not available on these devices.


Shader Editor is open source and licensed under the MIT license.


Android app to create GLSL shaders and use them as live wallpaper


License:MIT License


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