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A portable devkit for CI/CD pipelines

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Dagger is a portable devkit for CICD.

Using Dagger, software teams can develop powerful CICD pipelines with minimal effort, then run them anywhere. Benefits include:

  • Unify dev and CI environments. Write your pipeline once, Dagger will run it the same everywhere.
  • Reduce CI lock-in. No more re-writing everything from scratch every 6 months.

How does it work?

  1. Automate actions with your favorite programming language. No proprietary SDK: just regular shell, Go, Javascript, Python...
  2. Reuse actions from a large and growing catalog.
  3. Tie it all together in CUE - a revolutionary declarative language invented at Google. No more YAML hell!
  4. Test and debug instantly on your local machine. No more waiting 10min to catch a typo.
  5. Run your pipelines on any Docker-compatible runtime, for maximum portability. This means most modern CI runners can run Dagger out of the box.

Getting Started

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A portable devkit for CI/CD pipelines


License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Go 52.5%Language:CUE 28.6%Language:Shell 9.5%Language:JavaScript 4.3%Language:SCSS 2.4%Language:Makefile 1.7%Language:PowerShell 0.5%Language:CSS 0.4%Language:Dockerfile 0.1%Language:Python 0.0%