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A discord bot that enables you to easily replace all of a given user's roles with a predefined one. The user's current roles will be saved in case they need to be restored at a later date.


Smegbot is written in Go, so to install you can run the following:

go install github.com/dshoreman/smegbot


To add your Smegbot to a server, you'll first need to create an Application with a bot user at https://discord.com/developers/applications. Make a note of the Client ID as you'll need it soon.

Run the bot with $GOBIN/smegbot -t BOT_TOKEN where BOT_TOKEN is the token you were given for the Application's bot user.

Adding Smegbot to Discord

Once you've created an application, replace CLIENT_ID in the URL below with your Client ID and paste it into a browser.




Responds with "Pong!" for testing the bot.

.members <role_mention>

Lists all the server members that have the given role assigned.

.roles <user_mention>

Lists all the roles that the mentioned user has in the server.

.nuke <user_mention>

Gives the @Quarantine role to the mentioned user

.restore <user_mention>

Removes the @Quarantine role from the mentioned user

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