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A Skin for Matrix

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Skin Estuary MOD V2 for KODI 19 Matrix KN Edition


  • .8

    • Including PVR archive & reminder icons (thanks berkhornet)
  • .7

    • Introducing SACD (DSD) audio flag
    • minor improvements
  • .6

    • Parental controls removed (use profiles and lock mechanism instead)
    • Fix conditional behaviours on movie/tvshow widgets
    • minor adjustments in various dialogs and views
  • .5

    • optional display of channel logo/number in epg grid implemented
    • Changes in picture widget reversed
  • .4

    • Costum settings widgets views revised
    • Selection for default action on movie and TV show widgets implemented
    • smaller fixes and enhancements
  • .3

    • Autoclose OSD Fix
  • .2

    • Code cleanups and small fixes
    • Date Aired Flag added (Movies/TV Shows)
  • .1

    • Fix some issues when starting movie trailers from Embuary Info
  • .0

    • Fix in Shutdown Menu: correct distribution logo was not shown
    • Full integration and customization of Embuary Info windows into the skin
    • Improvements on widget info visibility (PVR)
    • Video OSD with adjustable timing on auto close


  • .8

    • Fix in Shutdown Menu: correct distribution logo was not shown
  • .7

    • Fix in List View (Posters was not shown)
  • .6

    • Introducing media flags for video color depths like HDR (10bit), HDR+ (12bit) and Dolby Vision by identifying special parts within filenames (.hdr., .10bit., .hdrplus., .12bit., .dv.)
    • Better implementation of embuary info script in Video Info Window and OSD Info
  • .5

    • Bugfix: MPAA rating not showing in movie collections
    • Minor bugfixes
  • .4

    • Reimplementation of extended info button in video OSD and native call to embuary info script
  • .3

    • Introducing MPAA/TV media flags
    • Bug fixed in music visualization (PVR radio)
  • .2

    • Improved Addon settings window (thanks @realvito from kodinerds)
  • .1

    • Revert some cleanups of includes
    • Texture updates, PVR category improvements part #2
    • Improvements/Bugfix in PVR artwork section
  • .0

    • Extended Info (embuary helper) in tvshow and movie info window added
    • Implementation of PVR category widget improved (addon German Telecast Offers)
    • TV show widget next aired episodes implemented
    • conditional visibility of media flags in info windows fixed


  • .7

    • Some more labels from PVR artwork module in PVR info window added
    • Reimplementation of studio icons in PVR info view (studio icons white required)
    • Some smaller fixes
  • .6

    • Fix missing semitransparent backgrounds on some PVR related windows
    • Fix missing action of info button in PVR OSD menu
  • .5

    • Busy spinner for PVR artwork in several PVR views added
    • NL language file updated
  • .4

    • Selection between fanart/poster view in EPG preview window, busy spinner added
    • bigger preview picture in EPG timeline, timeline items reduced from 8 to 7 lines
    • NL language strings updated
    • Dependency of TV show next aired addon removed from addon list and code
  • .3

    • Introduction and Bugfix of normal/extended Power Menu
    • further improvements of PVR artwork functions
  • .2

    • Improvements/Bugfixes of PVR artwork functions and info window
  • .1

    • show distribution/standard logo in top left corner
    • modification/rearranging of date/time info
  • .0

    • Implementation and introduction of PVR artwork using the "PVR Artwork Module"
    • show date in top bar (optional)


  • .0
    • PVR NextUp notification window improved
    • NL language strings updated
    • Rewrite and reimplementation of forced views


  • .7

    • Empty space on TV Widget removed if current/next recordings are deselected from widget menu but current and/or next schedules are present
    • Bool condition of visibility for option "Reboot from NAND" in shutdown menu removed
    • Addon-Id info added (Addon Information window)
    • PVR NextUp notification fixed
  • .6

    • 'Kodi restart' button implemented (Power menu)
    • Shift View for pictures fixed
  • .5

    • Background images for power menu, settings menu and search menu reimplemented
    • Rules of background images redefined
  • .4

    • "Up Next" double strings notifications fixed, many thanks to hawkeyexp
    • viewswitcher script temporarily deactivated as this cause some issues
  • .3

    • Some language strings updated
  • .2

    • Relaunch weather fanart on main screen and selected weather widget
    • Fanart view fixed
    • Several music and concert views fixed
    • Reboot to NAND option in shutdown menu added
    • Some conditions of selecting artworks on music visualization changed (experimental)
    • Minor fixes
  • .1

    • Display of publication year of movies/videos/tv shows in titles is now switchable
    • Dutch translation added, thanks to "theghostnl" from Kodi forum
  • .0

    • "Add" Button in Default Dialog Select Window reimplemented

Note: In my opinion, the adaptation to Kodi 19 is complete. Future changes will only be bug fixes, as far as I am able to do it.


  • .16

    • Bugfix: missing settings window of skin shortcuts addon reimplemented
    • Addon dependencies updated
  • .15

    • Portuguese (Brazil) translation added, many thanks to Fábio Vieitas Marques
    • Visibility of border and border color of radio and stream covers now dependend to border settings in skin setup, this allows shaped station logos
  • .14

    • Media selection for splash screen removed (causes crashes on startup sometimes)
    • Introducing addon "Sleepy Watchdog" as sleeptimer in shutdown menu
    • Fix of banner and artist clearart positions in music views if they both enabled at same time
    • Clearlogo on main music views removed (when overlapping other items)
  • .13

    • Rewrite of function "Jump to letter"
    • Option for API key management in settings removed
    • Behavior of widelist animation fixed if online content was requested
  • .12

    • last added episodes widget fixed if no thumbnail is available
    • Expression for easter theme updated (2.04 - 5.04), missing runtime values in info views added
  • .11

    • Library editor changed against Metadata editor (settings window)
    • Backup/Restore items from settings removed (use Backup Tools instead)
    • Some graphics changed
  • .10

    • Dependencies of script.artwork.helper removed
    • Rework of animated background (Fanart)
  • .9

    • Clearlogo from home screen and several main views removed (when overlays other items)
    • Settings window updated (required and optional addons)
    • Artwork Dump instead of Artwork Helper (n.a. for Matrix) implemented
  • .8

    • Triple list fixed
  • .7

    • Mosaic view fixed, next unseen episodes reimplemented, start implementation of embuary helper
  • .5

    • Dependencies of script.skinhelper completely removed
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A Skin for Matrix



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