dshoreman / albert-translate

Translation extension for Albert Launcher using Google Cloud v3 API

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Todo list

dshoreman opened this issue · comments


  • Set target language (754de1d)
  • Copy translated text to clipboard (61e933f)


  • Set default target language in config (ee1dffc)
  • Action to open translation in Google Translate (8472640)
  • Action to open config in editor when it's not set (fc49c09)
  • Add code:language map to display language names in subtext (c68e8ee)


  • Set source language (for when Google gets it wrong) in query (a613726)
  • Support multiple comma-delimited target languages (2335fe8)
  • Use lang map to check validity of language codes (b5de99d)
  • Set path to service key JSON in config (7f2a39a)
  • Make sure all options are added to config on startup (6957762)
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