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Performance Benchmark of top Github languages

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Recursive Fibonacci Benchmark using top languages on Github

Top 10: JavaScript, Python, Java, TypeScript, C#, Php, C++, C, Shell, Ruby reference

Others: Go, Rust, Swift, Crystal, Pony, Ada, Pascal, Fortran, Kotlin, Clojure, Scala, Mono, R, Dart, Julia, D, Nim, Cython, Python3, PyPy, Ruby jit, OCaml, Lisp, Haskell, Erlang, Elixir, Escript, Dart, Scheme, Lua, Perl, Perl6, Bash, Emoji

The code performs a recursive fibonacci to the 47th position with the result of 2,971,215,073.

Fibonacci can be written many different ways. The goal of this project is to compare how each language handles the exact same code.

Here is the Ruby version:

def fib(n)
  return n if n <= 1
  fib(n - 1) + fib(n - 2)

puts fib(47)

Here is the Crystal version:

def fib(n)
  return n if n <= 1
  fib(n - 1) + fib(n - 2)

puts fib(47_u64)

Too keep a level playing field, only common "release" flags are used in the compilation step. This allows for compiler optimizations like inlining and constant propogation but removes anything considered dangerous i.e. bypassing out of bounds checks.

All tests are run on:

  • AWS EC2 - m5.large 2 vCPU
  • Processor: Intel Xeon 3.1Ghz
  • Memory: 8 GiB
  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Docker Base Image: ubuntu:20.04

How to run them

You can run the tests using Docker: docker run -it drujensen/fib

By default, it will compile and run all languages 5 times. Totals are calculated by adding the average compile and run times.

To only run a subset of the languages, provide a list of extensions and optionally the count:

docker run -it drujensen/fib ./run.sh s,c,cpp,go,rs,swift 5

To run in the background using nohup:

nohup docker run drujensen/fib:latest > results.txt 2>&1 &


Last benchmark was ran on January 18, 2022

Natively compiled, statically typed

Language Total Compile Time, s Run Time, s Ext
C 6.865 gcc -O3 -o fib fib.c 0.058 ./fib 6.807 c
Fortran 6.893 gfortran -O3 -o fib fib.f03 0.119 ./fib 6.774 f03
C++ 6.954 g++ -O3 -o fib fib.cpp 0.126 ./fib 6.828 cpp
Cython 7.114 cython -3 --embed -o fib.pyx.c fib.pyx && gcc -O3 -o fib fib.pyx.c $(pkg-config --cflags --libs python) 0.297 ./fib 6.817 pyx
Nim 7.337 nim c -d:release fib.nim 0.920 ./fib 6.416 nim
Assembly 7.401 gcc -no-pie -O3 -o fib fib.s 0.025 ./fib 7.376 s
Ada 7.645 gnat make -O3 -gnatp -o fib fib.adb 0.213 ./fib 7.433 adb
Rust 7.652 rustc -C opt-level=3 fib.rs 0.638 ./fib 7.014 rs
Pascal 8.845 fpc -O3 -Si ./fib.pas 0.078 ./fib 8.766 pas
Pony 9.117 ponyc -s -b fib -p ./fib.pony 1.038 ./fib 8.079 pony
D 9.481 ldc2 -O3 -release -flto=full -of=fib fib.d 0.612 ./fib 8.869 d
Swift 10.568 swiftc -O -g fib.swift 0.474 ./fib 10.094 swift
OCaml 10.729 ocamlopt -O3 -o fib fib.ml 0.294 ./fib 10.435 ml
V 10.752 v -prod -o fib fib.v 4.352 ./fib 6.399 v
Go 12.486 go build fib.go 0.600 ./fib 11.885 go
Haskell 12.544 rm ./fib.o && ghc -O3 -o fib fib.hs 0.001 ./fib 12.543 hs
Crystal 17.900 crystal build --release fib.cr 4.940 ./fib 12.960 cr
Lisp 17.996 sbcl --load fib.lisp 1.704 ./fib 16.293 lisp
Dart Compiled 30.942 dart compile exe -o fib ./fib.dart 5.058 ./fib 25.884 dartc
Cobol 4380.728 cobc -x -O3 -o fib ./fib.cbl 0.133 ./fib 4380.596 cbl

VM compiled bytecode, statically typed

Language Total Compile Time, s Run Time, s Ext
Scala 9.047 scalac Fib.scala 0.942 scala Fib 8.104 scala
Java 10.391 javac Fib.java 0.894 java Fib 9.497 java
Kotlin 11.721 kotlinc Fib.kt 2.097 java FibKt 9.624 kt
C# (Mono) 16.107 mcs Fib.cs 0.491 mono Fib.exe 15.616 mono
C# 16.218 dotnet build -c Release -o ./bin 2.162 dotnet ./bin/fib.dll 14.056 cs
Erlang 28.868 erlc +native +'{hipe,[o3]}' fib.erl 0.500 erl -noinput -noshell -s fib 28.368 erl

VM compiled before execution, mixed/dynamically typed

Language Time, s Run Ext
Dart 11.286 dart fib.dart dart
Julia 11.318 julia -O3 fib.jl jl
Lua Jit 16.382 luajit fib.lua luajit
Clojure 23.448 clojure -M fib.cljc cljc
Elixir 28.604 ERL_COMPILER_OPTIONS='[native,{hipe, [o3]}]' elixir Fib.exs exs
Node 30.232 node fib.js js
Python3 (PyPy) 37.827 pypy3 fib.py pypy
Ruby (jit) 51.793 ruby --jit fib.rb rbjit

Interpreted, dynamically typed

Language Time, s Run Ext
Scheme 66.668 guile fib.scm scm
Php 118.468 php fib.php php
Lua 169.710 lua fib.lua lua
Ruby 223.653 ruby fib.rb rb
Janet 292.366 janet ./fib.janet janet
Python 507.845 python fib.py py
Python3 527.247 python3 fib.py py3
Perl 1085.181 perl fib.pl pl
Tcl 1580.804 tclsh fib.tcl tcl
R 2413.682 R -f fib.r r
Raku 2841.391 rakudo fib.raku raku
Escript 3448.282 escript fib.es es


All compilers are installed using apt or asdf on Ubuntu 20.04 docker image.

language version
ada 9.3.0
assembly 9.3.0
bash 5.0.0
crystal 1.3.0
cython 0.29.26
dart 2.15.1
dotnet-core 6.0.101
elixir 1.12.0
elm 0.19.1
erlang 24.2
fortran 9.3.0
g++ 9.3.0
gcc 9.3.0
golang 1.17.5
guile 3.0.7
haskell 9.2.1
janet 1.19.2
java openjdk-17
julia 1.7.1
K 3.6
kotlin 1.6.10
ldc2 1.2.4
lua 5.4.3
luaJIT 2.1.0
mono 6.8.0
nim 1.6.2
nodejs 17.3.0
ocaml 4.11.1
pascal 3.0.4
perl 5.34.0
php 8.1.1
pony 0.38.1
powershell v7.0.0
python 3.10.1
pypy 7.3.7
qb64 1.5
R 4.1.2
rakudo 2021.12
ruby 3.1.0
rust 1.57.0
sbcl 2.11.1
scala 3.1.0
swift 5.5.2
tcl 8.6.10
v 0.2.2
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Performance Benchmark of top Github languages


Language:Ruby 24.4%Language:Dockerfile 17.3%Language:Shell 10.4%Language:Common Lisp 7.2%Language:Java 3.6%Language:COBOL 2.8%Language:Nim 2.6%Language:Perl 2.2%Language:Tcl 2.2%Language:Erlang 2.1%Language:Assembly 1.9%Language:Janet 1.3%Language:Raku 1.3%Language:Swift 1.2%Language:Go 1.1%Language:Haskell 1.1%Language:Rust 1.1%Language:OCaml 1.0%Language:PowerShell 1.0%Language:D 0.9%Language:C++ 0.9%Language:Ada 0.9%Language:Fortran 0.8%Language:Pascal 0.8%Language:Crystal 0.8%Language:Lua 0.8%Language:Elixir 0.7%Language:JavaScript 0.6%Language:Python 0.6%Language:Visual Basic .NET 0.5%Language:C# 0.5%Language:C 0.5%Language:Pony 0.5%Language:Zig 0.4%Language:BASIC 0.4%Language:Scala 0.4%Language:Kotlin 0.3%Language:V 0.3%Language:PHP 0.3%Language:Scheme 0.3%Language:Dart 0.3%Language:Clojure 0.3%Language:R 0.3%Language:Groovy 0.3%Language:Julia 0.2%Language:Cython 0.2%Language:Elm 0.2%