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Programmable multi-asset chain

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CodeChain is a programmable open source blockchain technology optimal for developing and customizing multi-asset management systems.


Download CodeChain code

git clone
cd codechain

Build in release mode

cargo build --release

This will produce an executable in the ./target/release directory.


Using Docker

CodeChain supports the use of Docker to provide an easy and seamless installation process by providing a single package that gives the user everything he/she needs to get CodeChain up and running. In order to get the installation package, run the following command after installing Docker:

docker build -f docker/ubuntu/Dockerfile --tag codechain-io/codechain:branch_or_tag_name .

WSL users may find difficulty in using Docker, and thus, it is highly recommended to use Ubuntu, or install Docker for Windows. When using Docker for Windows, it is necessary to enable Hyper-V in BIOS settings.

To see the Docker images created, run the following:

docker images

It will result in something like this:

REPOSITORY               TAG                  IMAGE ID            CREATED              SIZE
codechain-io/codechain   branch_or_tag_name   6f8474d9bc7a        About a minute ago   1.85GB
ubuntu                   14.04                971bb384a50a        6 days ago           188MB

If you want to run the first image file, run the following command:

docker run -it codechain-io/codechain:branch_or_tag_name

This should result in CodeChain running.

Building From Source

Build Dependencies

CodeChain requires Rust version 1.34.0 to build. Using rustup is recommended.

  • For Linux Systems:

    • Ubuntu

      gcc, g++ and make are required for installing packages.

      $ curl -sSf | sh
  • For Mac Systems:

    • MacOS 10.13.2 (17C88) tested

      clang is required for installing packages.

      $ curl -sSf | sh
  • For Windows Systems:

    • Currently not supported for Windows. If on a Windows system, please install WSL to continue as Ubuntu.

Please make sure that all of the binaries above are included in your PATH. These conditions must be fulfilled before building CodeChain from source.

Download CodeChain's source code and go into its directory.

git clone
cd codechain

Build as Release Version

cargo build --release

This will produce an executable in the ./target/release directory.

Using CodeChain SDK

Before starting to use the CodeChain SDK, please install node.js by going to this page.

Next, install the package with the following command:

npm install codechain-sdk or yarn add codechain-sdk


To run CodeChain, just run

./target/release/codechain -c solo

You can create a block by sending a parcel through JSON-RPC or JavaScript SDK.


Make sure you run rustfmt before creating a PR to the repo. You need to install the nightly-2018-12-06 version of rustfmt.

rustup toolchain install nightly-2018-12-06
rustup component add rustfmt-preview --toolchain nightly-2018-12-06

To run rustfmt,

cargo +nightly-2018-12-06 fmt


You should run clippy also. This is a lint tool for rust. It suggests more efficient/readable code. You can see the clippy document for more information. You need to install the nightly-2018-12-06 version of clippy.


rustup toolchain install nightly-2018-12-06
rustup component add clippy-preview --toolchain nightly-2018-12-06


cargo +nightly-2018-12-06 clippy --all --all-targets


Developers are strongly encouraged to write unit tests for new code, and to submit new unit tests for old code. Unit tests can be compiled and run with: cargo test --all. For more details, please reference Unit Tests.

User Manual

Under docs folder, run following command.

make html

User manual will be generated at docs/_build/html.


CodeChain is licensed under the AGPL License - see the LICENSE file for details

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Programmable multi-asset chain

License:GNU Affero General Public License v3.0


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